Open Call for artists - MUU & FLASH Go Cable Factory: Material Light

Finnish Light Art Society FLASH and Artists’ Association MUU are searching for artists who work with light to submit proposals for an exhibition project entitled Material Light. What does light actually feel like? What does it mean, what does it say and communicate in a work of art? All practitioners are welcome to submit entries, from performance artists to painters, from video artists to light artists, from sculptors to sound artists. The project theme can be approached on many different levels.

In addition to artworks we are also looking for ideas for workshops and events to fit the theme. For example, if you could organise a workshop linked to your artistic practice, include that in your submission. Workshops can be intended for professionals or visitors, children or adults. They can take place in the exhibition space, in the vicinity of the Cable Factory, or possibly in some other space inside the Cable Factory.

To be mounted in MUU’s refurbished exhibition facility in the Cable Factory, the exhibition will take place at the turn of 2020–2021 to overlap with the light art festival Lux Helsinki. The exhibition will be installed with the artists during the days between Christmas and New Year 2020 and the first week of 2021. The opening ceremony will be held on 6 January 2021.

The show will also go on tour to Northern Photographic Centre in Oulu in late 2021.

Project theme:

Although light spreads its radiance all around, we do not want to present the artworks in isolation from each other. We want them to engage in a dialogue instead, overlapping and merging. Can light be used as a bridge to connect artworks and different disciplines of art? What challenges and synergies can emerge when light art is mounted in a single unpartitioned space?

We will meet with the selected artists prior to the show to introduce to them the refurbished and extended venue. MUU can provide AV technology for the artists, including four video projectors, media players, monitors and sound equipment. We hope the artists will provide all other materials and equipment. We will pay a modest exhibition fee. The cost of materials may also be covered on a case-by-case basis at our discretion.


Your submission must include a presentation of the proposed work/idea. In addition to a description of content, the submission must also list the technical requirements of the piece. Because we are looking for dialogue and connection between individual works, we are particularly interested in artists and artworks that show a potential for interaction with other works already in the submission stage.

Also include in your entry an image of the work/idea, your CV, and possible link to your homepage.

Entries are submitted online HERE

The last date for submissions is 3 August 2020.

We will inform all applicants individually of the selection by the end of August.

This exhibition project by Artists’ Association MUU and Finnish Light Art Society FLASH is conducted in collaboration with Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Northern Photographic Centre.