Taija Goldblatt: Hidden

Video work

MUU Studio

Opening ceremony on Friday, 16 October 2020, at 17:00–19:00. Welcome!

Hidden is a video work about non-places and fringe areas, about seeing and being seen.

The work combines drawing, animation and video in layers. It also features webcam footage collected from online sources: images of ditch banks, parking lots, remote beaches and surveillance footage broadcast non-stop by stationary cameras all over the world.

Taija Goldblatt is a Tampere-based artist whose media are video and animation. In her works she seeks to see the underside of things, fractures and grey areas that often remain beyond our field of vision. Goldblatt’s works are digital, but handmade drawing is strongly present in them. The imprint of a pencil is dear and significant to the artist.

The exhibition is supported by Alfred Kordelin foundation and The Arts Promotion Centre Finland / The Arts Council of Pirkanmaa.