Open Call to artists! Art Vehicles bus tour Oulu–Piteå–Luleå–Oulu – will you join us?

Open Call to artists!

Art Vehicles bus tour Oulu–Piteå–Luleå–Oulu – will you join us?

OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS – The Art Vehicles project is looking for performances, sound art, interactive and community artworks, literary art, installations, video art, photographs, interdisciplinary artworks – all kinds of contemporary art!

Starting from Oulu, crossing the border to visit Piteå and Luleå in Sweden and then returning to Oulu, the Art Vehicles bus tour 2020 is an interactive and experiential journey and a community art event that brings artists in contact with various audiences.The project is now looking artworks to be presented on the trip, at the stops and on sound art tours to be held in Piteå and Luleå.

The artists and audiences will ride on the bus, enjoying artworks in the bus and viewing site-specific works at the stopping points. The project aims to present a rich palette of highly interesting art in an accessible way.

The destination of the Art Vehicles tour is the opening of both the Piteå Performing Arts Biennial and the Luleå Art Biennial. The Luleå Art Biennial was organised for the first time in 1991, making it the oldest art biennial in Scandinavia. It is organised by Konstfrämjandet, a national organisation founded in 1947. The Piteå Performing Arts Biennial will be held for the first time in autumn 2020. It is organised by Piteå School of music, Studio Acusticum, Norrbottensmusiken and Dans i Nord, in collaboration with Kluster, Pitebygdens musikförbund, Piteå Konsthall and Regionbiblioteket.

The theme of the first Piteå Performing Arts Biennial in ecology. It will feature ecological sound art, site-specific works, dance and drama, cross-disciplinary works as well as film and video screenings.

The general framework of the project will be provided by the producers of the Art Vehicles project – Artists’ Association MUU, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, and cultural association Kulttuuribingo – while the artists will provide the content. We invite artists to supply or construct artworks to be presented in the bus, at the stopping points or in the destination towns of Luleå or Piteå.

The key selection criteria are site-specificity, community, audience engagement and accessibility. Each selected artist will provide a piece specifically tailored for the bus environment. Works completed or exhibited previously can also be presented, as well as footage or other records of existing works. All suggestions for artworks are welcome!

Matters relating to actual production (performers, facilities, materials, schedule) will be decided by the producers with the artist. The producers will be in charge of all publicity and marketing (also including publications and distribution relating to the project).

We will select 5–7 artists or groups to join the project. Depending on their work, they will be paid either an exhibition fee or a performance fee that range between 100 and 300 euros. Possible travel and accommodation expenses and daily allowances will be paid. Materials may also be paid at the project organisers’ discretion. The selection of works will be done by the exhibition team at MUU. The Art Vehicles tour will take place 23–25 October 2020 and travel Oulu–Kemi–Piteå–Luleå–Oulu.


Applications can only be submitted using the online form:

The last date for submissions is Friday 29 May 2020.


CV, max. one A4 sheet

Artist statement

Project plan

Images in one pdf file, and/or links to video and sound works

All applicants will be informed of the selection result by 12 June 2020.

Additional information

Leevi Lehtinen, regional artist, light art

Arts Promotion Centre Finland


tel. +358 (0)295330862

Artists’ Association MUU

Artists’ Association MUU is a national multi-disciplinary art organisation dedicated to promoting and representing new forms of fine art in Finland, such as new media art, video, light, sound, performance, community and environmental art.MUU supports the professional identity, working conditions, education, training and networking of artists. It also serves as an influencer in cultural policy.Representing a broad range of artforms, MUU is a key player in arts policy promoting new areas of art.MUU has 600 artist members.

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