MUU Cable (Cable Factory)

Whereas MUU Gallery and MUU Studio specialise in media art, MUU Cable focuses on other forms of art: installation, live art and performance, international art, and collaborative projects with other organisations. Located in the Cable Factory in Helsinki, MUU Cable has a floor area of about 90 square metres.

MUU Cable floor plan.

MUU Cable will cover the cost of designing and printing of invitations, electronic marketing, online exhibition materials, production, copying and translation of the press release (PR is in three languages: Finnish, Swedish and English), and the mailing of invitations and press releases. The gallery will also cover the cost of a poster outside the gallery.


LEENA JÄÄSKELÄINEN  Paranormaalit ilmiöt – Paranormal Phenomena – Paranormala fenomen
MUU KAAPELI 29.2.-5.4.2020
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JOUNI KUJANSUU TOOLBOX Tarvikkeita / Tillbehör / Equipment and accessories
MUU Kaapeli 18.1.-23.2.2020
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Image: Minna Kankaanpää