MUU Media Base

Media Base is a production space for media artists operated by Artists’ Association MUU. It also provides training courses and organises seminars.

MUU Media Base offers MUU member artists free use of a video and sound editing system that features an Intel Quad Core computer with Final Cut Pro X (10.1.) and Final Cut Studio 3 (Final Cut Pro 7, DVD Studio Pro 4, Motion 4, Compressor 3.5) software, equipment for the digitisation of MiniDV/DVCAM and VHS tapes, and DVD/Bluray burning. The audio resources include ProTools 9 and AVID Mbox audio interface. MUU Media Base also has fast fixed-line broadband, a flatbed/slide scanner, and software for word processing (Word), image editing (Photoshop CC) and desktop publishing (Indesign CC)..