JOUNI KUJANSUU – TOOLBOX Tarvikkeita / Tillbehör

MUU Kaapeli


noun: the goods or merchandise kept on the premises of a shop or warehouse and available for sale or distribution,

as in “the store has a very low turnover of stock“; a supply or quantity of something accumulated or available for future use, as in “I need to replenish my stock of wine“.

2a. verb: to provide or furnish with a stock of something,

as in ”to supply (a shop) with merchandise”, ”to supply (a farm) with livestock”.

2b. verb: to keep for future sale or use; to gather and lay in a supply of something, as in ”stock up on canned goods”.

See also: goods, merchandise, store, stockpile, stockyard, wares.

Supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike)

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