HANNU TÖYRYLÄ - Faces, memories

MUU Studio
ti-pe 12-17
la-su 12-16

In the past decade or two, our originally private sphere of contacts and memories has become mixed within a public sphere.  Private matters are now entangled with and even dominated by news, real and fake, advertisements, as well as often aggressive opinions of strangers.

In the exhibition, artist Hannu Töyrylä looks back, in the form of an AI based installation, to when he was a student of technology. People used to communicate by a landline telephone, and even letters and postcards, as well as collect personal memories in photo albums. It was expected that technology would develop so as to enrich this private sphere. A videophone, not unlike the one in this exhibition, would allow us to see each other while talking.

Things on a table make us to look back into the past. An album stores the family memory, the tiny photos do not change, people do. In contrast, the faces on the screen are hazy and constantly changing, like someone trying to remember already forgotten faces. On the telephone, excerpts of discussions can be overheard.

This is, of course, not an exact replica of the past, but rather the artist’s reflection on the whole process, in which he was an active participant. Today’s social media is able to monitor and control us; in the installation, artificial intelligence learns facial features of the onlookers and reuses them in the stream of faces shown.

Hannu Töyrylä is a visual artist working with artificial intelligence with as his main tool. He is particularly interested in taming the AI technology to respond to his personal artistic intent, and besides using AI to make responsive installations, he especially enjoys to make semi-abstract prints based on his own photographs. He has previously worked in developing telecommunications services and researching medieval intercultural encounters.

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