Ella Tahkolahti: Frame for a New Era

Ella Tahkolahti
Frame for a New Era
MUU Gallery

Opening ceremony on Friday, 7 August 2020, from 18:00 to 20:00. Welcome!

Ella Tahkolahti (b. 1981) is a Helsinki-based visual artist whose main mediums are installation and performance.

Tahkolahti is fascinated by the different ways each of us experiences reality. For the past decade, she has used optical illusions and video projections to explore the themes of space, observation, presence and vision, creating her works separately for each individual venue, inspired by it and also improvising in it. The foremost consideration is always the viewer’s relationship with space and the artwork.

Tahkolahti’s works draw attention to the qualities of the venue to make visible things that are easily missed, ignored as being secondary, or deliberately overlooked. The viewer always plays a central role, constituting the centre point of observation, an active agent inside the work, both observer and observed.

Running the feed from a video camera directly into the projector, the installations show us the existing situation from a new angle. The lens sees different than the human eye. Both ways of seeing are correct, reality is just organised differently. When the viewer enters the video image, the work comes alive.

Things have changed in the past few months. We have had to reassess everything, and our relationship with others and with ourselves needs to be updated. The works in Frame for a New Era are triptychs that show us our place in relation to the space and ourselves from a new perspective. They show us all as individuals in a group, equal in status despite physical distance, yet the centres, creators and protectors of our own realities.

The exhibition is generously supported by Svenska Kulturfonden and the Finnish Cultural Foundation.