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ERIC HYNYNEN “Lunch” 30 September – 23 October 2011 MUU studio

Lunch is a video work about the simultaneous existence of beauty and brutality in nature.

MAILIS SARALEHTO REKOLA “VACUUM – Experiments with Disturbance” August 5-28.2011, MUU studio

An old hospital is like a living organism with a memory. Touching a wall of peeling paint recalls the hands of countless patients who have touched it before. The curious walls behold the observer, who gradually becomes a subject. Familiar elements always contain something alien that refers to memory and the past ­ but whose?

SAMI ALA “Waiting for Godot” 27.5.-23.6.2011 MUU studio

MARIA ÅNGERMAN “Interim” 29.4.-22.5.2011 MUU studio

Picture: Maria Ångerman “Interim” 2011

Pauli Apollo Ahopelto “BlindMovie” MUU studio 26.11.-19.12.2010

Picture: Pauli Apollo Ahopelto, 2010 BlindMovie is composed of processed live soundscapes mixed into a cinematic narrative which is intentionally void of both pictures and subtitles. There are several themes in BlindMovie, all of them depicting a tale of life’s final moments when new vistas emerge.