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Artists' Association MUU » Performance Voyage 6: Future / Tomorrow
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Performance Voyage 6: Future / Tomorrow

Caroline Blais: Étoiles (02:25, 2013 | Canada)

Meteors and lunar rocks seen through a microscope slowly morph into an interstellar landscape.

Montreal-based artist Caroline Blais studied cinema, graphic design and languages in Montreal and Lapland. Her art practice situates itself at the intersection of art and graphic design, often shown in the public space. She gets inspired by the everyday life, people she meets and travelling in unfamiliar places.

Roberto Fassone: Ball don’t lie (05:28, 2015 | Italy)

Ball Don’t Lie is the representation of a contemporary oracle. Questions about the future are made. Ball answers to them.

“Ball don’t lie” is a phrase commonly used by professional basketball player Rasheed Wallace; once famously yelled by coach Flip Saunders. (from Urban Dictionary)

Roberto Fassone lives and works in Florence, Italy. Part of his research focuses on making simple artworks that can be explained in few words. The other part of his research consists on explaining how to make these type of artworks, but it is impossible to describe it in few words.

Andrew de Freitas: Hội An (01:33, 2013 | New Zealand/Canada/Brazil)

A film by Andrew de Freitas is scored by Hidrogenesse, and filmed in Hội An, Vietnam.

Andrew de Freitas uses a wide range of tools and production processes in order to explore the peculiarities embedded in everyday experiences. His activities often reconfigure the materials and information surrounding existing situations so that our relationship with otherwise familiar objects, events and situations is altered or challenged. He studied art and philosophy in his hometown of Auckland, New Zealand, as well as in Canada and later in Frankfurt am Main as a student of Simon Starling and Peter Fischli. Currently lives and works in Rio de Janeiro.

James Duesing: Gray Elegy (04:46, 2015 | USA)

A buoyant character struggles with hazards in a cloudy gray environment in this animation inspired by the Dylan Thomas poem Lie Still, Sleep Becalmed. Fragments of Motion Capture data from two dancers were used to drive physical simulations of cloth, smoke, particles and fluids along with geometry for all the 4 “characters.”

James Duesing is an animator and professor at Carnegie Mellon University. His animations have evolved from hand drawn and early digital forms to 3D and motion capture.

Henri Hütt: The moment of now (02:48, 2014 | Estonia)

The moment of now – Henri and his endless search. When is the right moment and how can one recognize it?
Time, space, rhythm, and being present.

Henri Hütt is an artist/performer who values hybrid connections in arts. He formed Distant Artist position before the popular Nothingness trend and deals with the introvert exotics of “not”-polarities. During past years he has been intensively focused on concepts as “Stage​d exhibition” ; “Absent theatre” and “Pre- and Post-performative variations” (in its widest sense) Vanity and ambition forces him to move towards his dream and while doing that, he is constantly creating work for himself.

Rick Fisher & Don Rice: Arcadia (04:49, 2014 | Canada)

Arcadia uncovers some unpleasant truths about idealized pastoral landscapes.

When not working at a full time job, raising his young children or researching genocide, Winnipeg based video artist Rick Fisher makes videos over extended periods of time. After undergraduate art school, he worked underground in a mine for ten years. He subsequently worked at video artist run centers on the Canadian prairies for twenty years. His artwork has manly elegance as he explores themes of humanity and darkness.

Don Rice is a digital media artist based in Winnipeg. Rice has created work in the mediums of video, world wide web, print, audio, cd rom, performance and photography. The main body of his work is in video, mainly with fellow prairie artist Rick Fisher.

Stefan Hurtig: Double Make-Up. Or: Faces in the Wild (04:47, 2015 | Germany)

How do computer algorithms used in face detection applications on smartphones, Facebook and Google actually know what a face is? They learn it from faces datasets that were solely created to train these programs. From the program’s perspective these portraits are so to speak the blueprint for all our faces. In the video «Double Make-Up» Stefan Hurtig uses these databases’ pictures along with other visualization imagery as a backdrop for a video performance. Being inspired from Bruce Nauman’s 1967 video «Art Make-Up» the artist applies various camouflage patterns to his skin. As the video proceeds he gradually erases his own image from the screen.

Stefan Hurtig a video artist based in Leipzig and Berlin. Hurtig’s video performances and installations fathom the influence of digital image culture on our conception of the self. Methods of sampling, remixing and reenacting images, language and text characterize this interdisciplinary approach.

Linda Lenssen: Limitations of the unlimited (00:49, 2015 | The Netherlands)

A line parallel to the horizon is coming out of the mist. It is getting closer and closer into view. The boundary between the visible and the invisible is becoming tangible, like a line you can grasp and take homeward.

Linda Lenssen is an artist based in Oirlo, The Netherlands. In her works, she departs from her fascination for concepts like ‘fulness’ and ‘presence’. The desire to attain these matters can never be met and always remains at a distance. Her works can be seen as moments in which the principle of the difference is solved and we can forget ourselves for a moment.

Michael Mallis: The Great Flood (06:25, 2015 | USA)

A satirical film told through the perspective of a religious fundamentalist. All of mankind is punished with a great flood except for one old man with a boat full of zoo animals. Religion plays a key role in climate change denial.

Michael Mallis currently lives and works in New York City. His work has been shown at festivals and art galleries throughout  the  world.

Johanna Reich: App of Existence | Portrait of the future artist (01:21, 2015 | Germany)

With the hand stretched out the artist is holding a smartphone in front of her face. The smartspone is turned on “App-of-existence-camera-mode”: usually the smartphone camera would show the artists face. This time not. The “app of existence” makes the user disappear to offer him or her a break of nothingness in the middle of the high flood of digital images.

Johanna Reich is an artist living and working in Cologne, Germany.

Roberta Orlando: Come Out Italy, Come Out! (05:53, 2013 | Italy)

The video is a loud scream in the deafness of a country which hasn’t taken any law against homophobia and transphobia attacks or discrimination for sexual orientation and gender identity yet. 

Roberta Orlando develops her artistic research through video, photography, performance and sound. A big part of her works is dedicated to social, cultural, environmental and political issues, human rights and equality in particular. She works with visual and performative arts in Europe and USA.

Pia Sirén: Kukkuu (01:11, 2015 | Finland)

In Kukkuu a construction worker builds a high-speed forest in the corner of a white room, and finally becomes part of the landscape.

Pia Sirén is a Finnish artist working mainly with sculpture and installations. She builds vast spatial landscapes using common construction materials.

Niko Skorpio: Feedback: I<3U (01:00, 2015 | Finland)

“Feedback: I<3U" is time lapse footage of an online meta-performance held on Instagram. Skorpio posted screen captures of his profile page's image grid recursively, until the images appeared as grey blocks. He lost at least 3 followers during the process. Niko Skorpio works mainly with sound, video, photography and miscellaneous stuff and activity. He has previously worked in graphic design and experimental music. Willem Wilhelmus (The Netherlands/Finland) & Tomasz Szrama (Poland/Finland): O (09:05, 2012)

“O” is a part of Not Ready Yet project of 2012, a collaboration between Willem Wilhelmus and Tomasz Szrama. “O” pictures a full cyclus in twelve phases.

Willem Wilhelmus & Tomasz Szrama collaborated before, organizing New Art Contact events, the Fake Finn Festival and Uprooted fake Nations. They are both active performance artists presenting their works in Finnish and international events. The Not Ready yet project was meant to establish a collection of performance documentation material.


Annika Dahlsten & Markku Laakso: Jump in Diorama (06:37, 2013 | Finland)

In their film work the artists explore the scientific dioramas and the demand of the “real”. The indigineous people take the role of an actor and make their own performance: a carnevalised version of a human zoo.

Annika Dahlsten and Markku Laakso are visual artists, who work both solo and as a group. In their collaboration they focus on photography, media art and performance art. Their work has been on display in various museums and galleries both in Finland and abroad. Dahlsten & Laakso explore the documentative nature of photography, staging, and the questions of real and authentic.

Magda Gebhardt: Atlas (06:20, 2012 | France)

Atlas is an animation out of different photocopied pictures, all of them shot by artist. Once cropped out, the artist rearranges them, transforming the original landscape. The space is permanently redesigned as the cutouts are overlapped and moved either closer or farther to the camera, unfolding straight from the horizon line.

Magda Gebhardt is graduated at the University of Porto Alegre and has a Master degree from the École Nationale des Beaux Arts of Lyon. Her work has been exhibited at several exhibitions in France and other countries. She was artist in residence at Atelier du Plessix-Madeuc, France.

Patricija Gilyte: Tri-Galaxian L4116 (3rd part of the trilogy) (05:57, 2014 | Lithuania/Germany)

The trilogy of warmth, light and mobility is an attempt to visually cover the planet’s history from three different perspectives of time and space. The visual story consists of separate luminous points (tea lights). They appear in a random sequence forming patterns while creating grids.

The visual repertoire of Germany-based Lithuanian artist Patricija Gilyte includes performative sculpture, video art and installation. She explores these medias while mixing and interlacing, creating cross-relations between them.