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Performance Voyage 6 Tour

10 Mar 2016, 6pm
Finnish Institute in Stockholm

11 Mar – 9 Apr:
The Finnish Institute in Stockholm, Sweden
18 Mar: Index – Santo Domingo/Miami/Puerto Rico International Performance Festival, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
14 Apr – 17 Apr: Far Off art fair, Cologne, Germany
18 Apr: Projektraum TOOLBOX – Finnish-German Art Space, Berlin, Germany
14 May – 5 Jun: ‘AIM Wrocław 2016’, Barbara, Wrocław, Poland
26 May – 29 May: Art-Athina art fair, Athens, Greece
4 Jun – 28 Jun: LADAF – Pop-up performance office Poriginal, Pori, Finland
18 July: MUU MAA Art Bus, Southwest Finland
13 Aug – 18 Sep: Northern Photographic Centre, Oulu, Finland
5 – 9 Oct: New Performance Turku Festival, Turku, Finland
8 Dec: SINNE, Helsinki, Finland


A series of international video performances on the theme of ‘Future/Tomorrow’

Produced by Artists’ Association MUU, Performance Voyage 6 is a series of international video performances that will have its world premiere at the Finnish Institute in Stockholm from 11 March to 9 April 2016. The show comprises 17 works by 17 artists or groups. Performance Voyage 6 has three facets – the exhibition, a world tour, and a DVD publication. The works were selected by a jury composed of Annette Arlander (artist and professor), Juha-Heikki Tihinen (curator, Pro Artibus Foundation) and Timo Soppela (director, MUU).

The works in Performance Voyage 6 were chosen from submissions received in response to an international open call. The theme Future/Tomorrow inspired artists to explore our ever receding future and search for thing as-yet-to-be, whether future hopes or dystopias of desperation. How do we see the future? What hopes, fears and expectations does it awaken in us? Artists around the world were invited to send in their visions of the future, which could be the literal tomorrow, the world in the year 2050, or something inexplicably far away from us both in time and in space.

The selection of works in the series attests to the many ways in which performance art can make us see things with new eyes, sensitise us to perceive change and meaning. In the shorter works, a state of affairs changes into something different and evokes a sense of wonder, in the longer pieces new worlds open up more slowly, with the viewer sharing the same time and pace with the work. The selection reflects diversity and future visions in wildly different ways.

After the exhibition, Performance Voyage 6 will go in a world tour that covers several countries including Germany, Italy and the United States. In 2016, the Performance Voyage 6 compilation will be presented internationally in 15 different locations, including Scandinavia, Continental Europe and Canada.

PERFORMANCE VOYAGE SINCE 2011 – The Performance Voyage project was launched in 2011 as an ancillary event of the Amorph! festival. Since then it has become a staple part of the annual project operations of MUU, and it has increased in prominence every year. The purpose of the Performance Voyage project is to record and document transitory performances and thereby to extend their life also beyond the moment itself.

Caroline Blais: Étoiles (Canada)
Annika Dahlsten & Markku Laakso: Jump in (Finland)
James Duesing: Gray Elegy (USA)
Roberto Fassone: Ball Don’t Lie (Italy)
Rick Fisher: Arcadia (Canada)
Andrew de Freitas: Hội An (New Zealand / Canada / Brazil)
Magda Gebhardt: Atlas (France)
Patricija Gilyte: Tri-Galaxian L4116 (3rd part of the trilogy) (Germany)
Stefan Hurtig: Double Make-Up, or Faces in the Wild (Germany)
Henri Hütt: The moment of now (Estonia)
Linda Lenssen: Limitations of the Unlimited (The Netherlands)
Michael Mallis: The Great Flood (USA)
Roberta Orlando: Come Out Italy, Come Out! (Italia)
Johanna Reich: App of Existence (Portrait of the future artist), (Germany)
Pia Sirén: Kukkuu (Finland)
Niko Skorpio: Feedback: I Willem Wilhelmus & Tomasz Szrama: O (Finland)



The aim of the Finnish Institute in Stockholm is to promote knowledge of Finnish culture and society in Sweden, to support the culture of Sweden’s Finnish minority and to facilitate cultural exchange between the countries.

The institute has a varied programme of Finnish language courses, exhibitions, concerts, seminars, author readings, and lectures on culture, research and politics. In addition, they organize tours showcasing contemporary Finnish cinema and literature, and import theatre productions for Swedish-Finnish audiences, both children and adults.

The institute´s exhibition space is primarily dedicated to contemporary art. The library has about 19,000 Finnish and Swedish books, over 100 Finnish newspapers and magazines and other media, such as audio books and e-books. The building is also a popular conference facility.

Index’16 – Santo Domingo/Miami/Puerto Rico International Performance Festival brings a radical, innovative artistic program to Santo Domingo and concerns with the limits of visual and living arts and the performance space. The program of diverse, cutting-edge performance art is accompanied by video screenings, talks and workshops. The festival is exclusively dedicated to performance art, an artistic practise of transcending borders that is widely discussed. Index offers visceral and challenging performance works by renowned, mid-career and emerging artists from different countries, as well participation of national and local artists. This annual event provides a look at the creative process across a range of media, and presents a cross-disciplinary, collaborative work that speaks to the high level of innovation, critical thinking, and social engagement in Miami and the Caribbean.

In celebration of Santo Domingo´s diverse art scene, works will be showcased across the city in a range of sites. The event is produced by Edge Zones, Miami, USA.

FAR OFF is a new platform for galleries and art spaces to promote their artists to an international audience, during the spring art fair season in Cologne (Art Cologne 2016). From April 14-17, 2016, a giant pop up store opens up at an old train station in Cologne Ehrenfeld. It´s the idea to connect producer and consumer and to showcase artistic concepts of high quality.

FAR OFF opens up for collectors who want to get introduced into the young and vibrant art scene of Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia and nearby. It´s the new meeting point during the art fair, located at the outside border of Cologne´s city centre with a spacious outside area for installations, food stands and parties at the basement Club JackWho every night.

TOOLBOX: A Finnish German Art Space

TOOLBOX is an independent cooperative project of artists, organizing exhibitions to advance international exchange in respect to contemporary art and artistic positions. The artist members of TOOLBOX conceive art as a tool for reflecting on the present age and art as having an impact on or even creating the social world.

TOOLBOX has its focus on showing Finnish contemporary art in Berlin and presenting juxtapositions of Finnish next to German artistic views on relevant topics like, for example, ideologies, limits of perception, the significance of emotions, philosophical or political theory or human patterns of making world intelligible. TOOLBOX is a member of Kolonie Wedding, an association of about 30 art project spaces in Soldiner Kiez in Berlin-Wedding. On every last Friday of the month project spaces jointly open their doors for visitors.

AIM Wrocław 2016 is a group exhibition and meeting carried out within the Visual Arts Programme of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016, and the organizers are Europejska Stolica Kultury Wrocław 2016 and Artists’ Initiatives’ Meetings. AIM Wrocław 2016 is organised in Barbara, Wrocław, 12 May – 06 June 2016.

AIM (Artists’ Initiatives’ Meetings) is a network of artistic initiatives linking their engagements and exhibitions from eleven European countries including Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Holland, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. AIM was established in order to create a common platform for both swapping experience and knowledge as well as to increase visibility alongside mobility from the undertaken activities. Moreover, this international network has provided feasible access to various artistic organizations, professionals as well as general public. AIM organizes semi-annual meetings in many important European cities.

In 2016, the AIM meeting will take place in Wrocław, where the representatives of culture form Poland will be granted the opportunity to meet with their counterparts from several European nations. This meeting will allow to further integrate people form local and international cultural circles as well as to encourage them to enrich their artistic endeavors by introducing eclectic innovative solutions.

Partner: Nordic Culture Point, Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair.