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Artists' Association MUU » Performance Voyage 5 in Canada
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Performance Voyage 5 in Canada

Scarabee_pv5logo_banner5 Nov 2015
Galerie SAW Gallery
67, rue Nicholas Street
Ottawa, Canada

11 Nov 2015

Trinity Square Video
401 Richmond St W, Suite 376, Toronto, Canada

PERFORMANCE VOYAGE 5 continues its tour in November. The collection will be showcased during the first two weeks in two venues in Ottawa and Toronto. Both screening locations are long-established artist-run spaces, in Ottawa the screening will take place in Galerie SAW Gallery and in Toronto at Trinity Video Square.

Performance Voyage 5 at Galerie SAW Gallery
Thursday 5 November, 7.15 pm

From its inception in 1973, the artist-run centre Galerie SAW Gallery has supported politically and socially engaged art, focusing on the performance and media arts. Many of the world’s best-known artists have exhibited at SAW in the early stages of their careers. Begun by a group of local artists, the gallery was originally part of the lengedary café Le Hibou on Sussex Drive, hence the name SAW, an acronym for Sussex Annex Works.

In 1981, the centre founded the SAW video cooperative to support independent video artists and documentarists.During this time, the centre also initiated Club SAW, which as become the most important multidisciplinary space in the region. In 1989, Galerie SAW Gallery, SAW Video and Club SAW moved into the historic Arts Court building.

Since 2001, Galerie SAW Gallery has operated as a distinct organization no longer legally affiliated with SAW Video, although both share a home at Arts Court and continue to collaborate on many projects. Galerie SAW Gallery aims to become a premier artist-run centre in Canada and the world, engaging in innovative programming, outreach and exchange initiatives. With over 30,000 visitors each year, SAW is already a prime destination in the Ottawa-Gatineau region for contemporary art.

Performance Voyage 5 at Trinity Square Video
Wednesday 11 November, 7 pm

Trinity Square Video is a space to re-imagine media arts. Founded in 1971, it is one of Canada’s first artist-run centres and its oldest media arts centre. As a not-for-profit, charitable organization Trinity Square Video aims to meaningfully engage diverse creative voices through its accessible production, post-production, and exhibition support. Trinity Square Video champions an evolving definition of video by presenting challenging contemporary art that inspires its members and audiences to expand their understanding of media art. We strive to create a supportive environment, encouraging artistic and curatorial experimentation with video that challenges notions of medium specificity and advances media art as a creative discipline.

PERFORMANCE VOYAGE 5 showcases video performances by 13 artists and collectives. The PV5 compilation was made from among work submitted in response to an open international call for artists. The theme of the 2015 compilation is “Domestic”, implying such concepts as national, home and even homelessness, as well as family, native, national, political point of view, and immigration.

In 2015, Performance Voyage 5 videos will be screened globally at 15 different venues in the Nordic countries, Europe, Canada and more.

The artists featured on the screening programme are Annette Arlander (Finland), Yvon Chabrowski (Germany), Sasha Huber (Finland/Switzerland/Haiti), Julieta Maria (Canada), Sara Pathirane (Finland), “Richter/Meyer/Marx(Berlin)” (Germany), Rah Saneie (Canada/Iran), Willem Wilhelmus (Finland/Netherlands) & Tomasz Szrama (Finland/ Poland), and Carlo Zanni (Italy).


The jury members for PV5 were Ray Langenbach, professor of performance art and theory at Theatre Academy in Helsinki, Minna Suoniemi, artist, and Timo Soppela, director, Artists´ Association MUU.

Performance Voyage 5 is supported by
Frame Visual Art Finland
AVEK – The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture
City of Helsinki Cultural Office

More information
Timo Soppela, +358-(0)9-625 972, muugalleria@muu.fi
Hanna Uusi-Seppä, +358-(0)9-625 972, production@muu.fi