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Artists' Association MUU » Sound Art Day HELSINKI – SAD HELSINKI II
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guit*-smallSound art event in Lavaklubi

19 Sep 2015, 9 pm
Lavaklubi, National Theatre, Läntinen Teatterikuja 1b, Helsinki, Finland

Adam Basanta (Canada)
Stefan Klaverdal (Sweden)
Petri Kuljuntausta (Finland)
Patrick McGinley (USA/Estonia)


klo 21 Stefan Klaverdal & Petri Kuljuntausta: Remix sessions
klo 22:30 Adam Basanta: _guit*
klo 23:30 Patrick McGinley

Tickets 5€. Ticket sales: National Theatre ticket office (tel. 010 733 1331), and at the door. http://www.lavaklubi.fi

Sound Art Day of Helsinki, or SAD Helsinki, is a joint venture between several organisations, galleries and individuals in the Finnish sound art community. Its aim is to showcase new and old sound art and artists and generate interest and collaborations inside Finland and internationally through several routes and media outlets. The SAD project, initiated by MUU, holds in great value the creation of a common playground for both small and large actors in the scene. It aims at holding an uncompromising stance towards allowing artistic freedom and hopes to enable more artists to present sound art, sound, and music in diverse locations and settings challenging as well as enriching the vibrant scene even further.

The second Sound Art Day Helsinki is organised by MUU Gallery, A Listening Room, Third Space and Akusmata Sound Art Gallery. Cooperation partner is Pixelache.

Club event is part of the ART FAIR SUOMI programme. International Art Fair Suomi ’15 will be held at the Cable Factory, Helsinki, 18 – 20 September 2015. www.artfairsuomi.fi

MUU GALLERIA http://www.muu.fi
A LISTENING ROOM http://aroomwherewelisten.blogspot.fi
THIRD SPACE http://www.th1rdspac3.com
AKUSMATA SOUND ART GALLERY http://akusmata.com

klo 21 Stefan Klaverdal & Petri Kuljuntausta: Remix sessions
#1. Kuljuntausta remixes Klaverdal
#2. Klaverdal remixes Kuljuntausta
#3. Kuljuntausta and Klaverdal in duo.

Using published CDs and other material, Petri Kuljuntausta and Stefan Klaverdal manipulate, remix, mash and destroy each others works in real time into new and unheard sounds. Klaverdal’s ethos is to start with a blank slate, as if from nothing and to transform all sounds in the moment relying this message to Kuljuntausta who starts the concert.. The third part takes the electric guitar as its main sound source, performed by Petri Kuljuntausta, and elaborates on the previously heard material continuously evolving in time.

klo 22:30 Adam Basanta (Canada): _guit*

_guit* is a recent live performance set and recording project re-imagining instrumental sound, custom synthesis algorithms, and field recording through the lens of the artist’s current practice in composition, improvisation, and mixed-media electronics. In performance, various sound sources are sliced and chopped into a series of improvised compositions which occupy a territory between ambient, noise, acousmatic, folk, drone, and experimental electronic genres, paying homage to a variety of influences without subscribing to a defined aesthetic palette.

klo 23:30 Patrick McGinley (USA/Estonia)

McGinley will lead a discourse based listening session in which the world normally seen around us is focused, framed and transformed through concentrated attention and listening into the unrecognisable, alien and extraordinary: the crackling of charcoal, a squeaking escalator, a buzzing insect, or even one’s own breath all resonate from the spaces we inhabit collectively, and we are led into an exploration of the perception of listening.

stefan_trad_largeSTEFAN KLAVERDAL, born 1975, is a composer and sound artist based in Sweden. He received a post grad in composition in 2003 from Malmö Academy of Music (Lund University), where he currently teaches composition.

Stefan composes music for a large variation of ensembles, but specializes in vocal and electronic music as well as unconventional settings. The music is frequently performed and has won several prizes, such as the prestigious IMEB in Bourges. In 2012 he received Prince Eugen Cultural Prize for his interdisciplinary and innovative work. In 2014 he was awarded “composer of the year” by Bergslagen Symphonic orchestra.

Stefan is also very active producing mostly computer-interative sound art, but also performance-oriented art. The works are shown in various places, such as a large permanent sound and video installation at the Hospital of Lund. http://www.stefanklaverdal.com

Petri_Kuljuntausta_-_LIVE_2014PETRI KULJUNTAUSTA is a sonic artist, composer, and musician. He focuses on using environmental sounds, live-electronics and improvisation in his work. His collaborations with media artists have influenced him greatly and working closely with natural scientists he has composed underwater music, made music from whale calls and the sounds of the northern lights.

Kuljuntausta has performed or collaborated with Morton Subotnick, Atau Tanaka, Richard Lerman, David Rothenberg, and Sami van Ingen, among others. He has made recordings for various labels in Australia, England, Finland, France, Germany, India, Sweden and the USA. Star’s End and Inner Space radio shows selected Kuljuntausta’s ”Momentum” as one of the most significant CD releases of 2004. In 2005 he won an award the Finnish State Prize for Art. Kuljuntausta has published three books on Sound Art and Electronic Music.

ADAM BASANTA Casa del Popolo Mercredi 22 octobre 2014 23h00

Casa del Popolo
Mercredi 22 octobre 2014 23h00

ADAM BASANTA, born 1985, is a Montreal-based sound artist, composer, and performer of experimental music. His work traverses sound installations, electroacoustic and instrumental composition, site-specific interventions, and laptop performance. Across disciplines and media, he interrogates intersections between conceptual and sensorial dimensions of listening, instabilities of instrumentality, and means with which site and space can be articulated. www.adambasanta.com

PATRICK MCGINLEY (aka murmer) is an american-born sound, performance, and radio artist who has been based in europe since 1996. Since then he has been building a collection of found sounds and found objects that has become the basis of all his work. In 2002 he founded framework, an organisation that produces a weekly field-recording themed radio show, broad- and podcasting around the world. In 2005 he first visited southeast estonia, and relocated there permanently in 2009.

Most recently McGinley has been giving presentations, workshops, and performances based on the exploration of site-specific sound (as part of the revenant project) and sound as definition of space. In live performance his interest in field recording has developed into an attempt to integrate and resonate found sounds, found objects, specific spaces, and moments in time, in order to create a direct and visceral link with an audience and location.

Artists’ Association MUU / MUU Gallery
A Listening Room
Third Space
Akusmata Sound Art Gallery

A LISTENING ROOM is a place where everyone can come and listen and talk about what we hear. Sessions function through international open calls. A Listening Room was founded and is run by Timo Tuhkanen. http://aroomwherewelisten.blogspot.fi

MUU is an artist run, Finnish interdisciplinary artist association, founded in 1987 to represent and promote new and experimental forms of art. These are such as media art, performance, video, environmental, space and conceptual art, sound and other experimental modes of cultural production. In the beginning of Autumn MUU will open an online database which collects and archives Sound Art projects. The SOUND ART BANK is an online database which collects and archives Sound Art projects, such as contemporary and experimental audio works, sound installations, sound sculptures, performances and concerts, as well as sound art exhibitions and documentations. SOUND ART BANK offers possibilities for listening and buying Sound Art, and is a tool for helping Sound Artists in their work. http://www.muu.fi

THIRD SPACE is a collective seeking to unsettle preconceived notions of the other. As cross bordertranscultural operatives we seek to erase the invisible lines that separate us. Armed with the intangible weapon of sound and the understanding of the power of visual culture, we form cracks in knowledges situated around us. Based in Helsinki, Third Space facilitates site specific work focused on sound art, visual art, performance art and spoken word. Collaborations can take the form of workshops, exhibitions, lectures, installations and hacking sessions.(¿as performance?) http://www.th1rdspac3.com
AKUSMATA is a gallery for Sound Art and sound-based Media Art works. The gallery was founded in 2011 and it is based in Helsinki. During its first years Akusmata has presented wide selection of Sound Art, Sound Installations, and soundbased Media Art works, as well as radiophonic, acousmatic and soundscape compositions. The gallery supports the diversity of the area, from lo-fi realizations to Ambisonics, from DIY realizations to 3D Sound Cube and beyond. Since 2014 Akusmata has arranged live music concerts and sound art performances and has invested on its new high-class PA system. http://akusmata.com