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Artists' Association MUU » Sami Korkiakoski: Lust for Line
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Sami Korkiakoski: Lust for Line

korkiakoski_the_wall_viivanhimo_pieni20 Feb – 29 Mar 2015

MUU Cable

Opening Thursday 19 February, 7-9pm. Welcome!

The artist paints a line. His line indicates his feelings or shows his need to mark the canvas as his own. Or perhaps it shows both of these. He needs to express emotion and fury. At best, he succeeds quickly, sometimes he works for years and finally throws the canvas into the trash and replaces it with another. He draws a squiggle that comes from within his head, reflects the rhythms of his body, or perhaps is inspired by music. Usually, his paintings consist of a combination of these elements. When working on this exhibition, the artist listened to a certain record until growing tired of it. Even after tiring, he could not stop, as he needed the rhythm of the music in question, which simultaneously reflected his feelings. In a way, the artist’s drawings are also entries in his diary – the text is just replaced by traces and marks, just like in the main work of the exhibition, The Wall (Lust for Line), which consists of c. 100 paintings. In this work, the artist has painted a larger work using smaller ones. This time, he has decided to use less colour and let the line do the talking. Korkiakoski feels that he expresses himself best with the line – he has a lust for the line.

Sami Korkiakoski (b. 1978) works in Vaajakoski and has graduated as a Master of Arts from the University of Arts and Design in 2007 and as a Master of Visual Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2013. He has held numerous exhibitions, starting from 2002, most recently in Galleria Jangva, Helsinki, in 2013 and Galleria Titanik, Turku, in 2014. In his recent exhibitions, he has displayed his paintings in large clusters which walk the line between painting and installation art. Korkiakoski’s works are found in several public collections, including The Finnish State Collection, Sara Hildén Museum in Tampere and Wäinö Aaltonen Museum in Turku. His artistic career also includes live painting performances, which have most recently been seen in Viapori Jazz, Helsinki, in 2013, and ANTI Festival, Kuopio, in 2014.

The exhibition is supported by the Alfred Kordelin Foundation.