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Artists' Association MUU » Juhani Räisänen: Shades and Dimensions
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Juhani Räisänen: Shades and Dimensions

alien_0220 Feb – 29 Mar 2015

MUU Gallery

Opening Thursday 19 February, 7-9pm. Welcome!

Juhani Räisänen’s exhibition, Shades and Dimensions, presents the artist’s newest video works and also contains one interactive work. The video works show moving, constantly transforming color fields. These works have been created using the artist’s own computer program, which was created for a sormina instrument building project. The sormina instrument is used to modify live video image of the artist’s moving fingers. In this interactive work, the viewer can join this world of changing color fields.

Juhani Räisänen has been working extensively in the field of media art, and has created videos, interactive art and sound art. At the beginning of his career, he worked as a musician and as a theatre actor. In 2011, Räisänen graduated as Doctor of Arts from the University of Arts and Design in Helsinki. The subject of his dissertation was sormina, an artist’s instrument building project. He constructed and programmed a new electronic musical instrument, which uses a wireless connection between a handheld interface and a computer, and named this instrument ‘sormina’.

As an artist, Räisänen is interested in working with different methods and diverse tools. His works extend from the visual realm to the realm of music and text. He often uses color pigment, but also manipulates pixels and finds computer programming exciting. Räisänen attempts to create works that will produce an element of significance for the modern viewer, a tangible moment of comprehension, an instant of grasping the presumed hidden world behind the canvas or the screen.

MORE INFORMATION: MUU Gallery / muugalleria@muu.fi, +358-9-625 972, www.muu.fi