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esw_pv4_bannerilogo4 Dec 2014
6-8 pm

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop
Bill Scott Sculpture Centre
21 Hawthornvale
Newhaven, Edinburgh



A Series of International Video Performances on the theme “Self-Portrait”

Collection presented by MUU’s artist member Leevi Lehtinen, who is currently attending an artist-in-residence in Edinburgh by The Arts Promotion Centre Finland. Lehtinen will talk about his artistic work and showcase some of his own video works as well.

EDINBURGH SCULPTURE WORKSHOP is a centre for production, research and learning in visual art. The organisation has its roots in the model of the artist-run collective and artists still actively contribute to the development of programme and operations. Central to our philosophy is a commitment to helping artists develop and sustain a career in the arts in ways that also support their development as practitioners.

LEEVI LEHTINEN is Finnish animation film-maker and media artist. He has studied animation in Finland, Slovakia, and in the Netherlands. His passion is to combine traditional animation art with other art disciplines, and to find new audiences and platforms for his work. Since 2002 his films have been screened at more than 80 film festivals, in 36 countries, on five continents, of which he has won five awards and received two honorary awards. Leevi has also created interactive media and animation art for several dance and theatre performances that have been performed in eight countries around Europe as well as in the South Korea. Currently he is working on animation installations that have been exhibited in solo exhibitions in Finland and in Germany. Leevi Lehtinen will have an exhibition in MUU Gallery, Helsinki, March-April 2015.

Artists: Anastasia Ax & Marja-Leena Sillanpää, Alex Bodea, Elina Brotherus, Cristian Chironi, Chun Hua Catherine Dong, Allison Halter, Constantin Hartenstein, Marja Helander, Marianne Myungah Kim, Verica Kovacevska, Julia Kurek, Marika Orenius, Benas Šarka, Minna Suoniemi


Performance Voyage 4, produced by Artists Association MUU (Finland), showcases video performances by 14 artists and collectives. The collection was compiled from works submitted in response to an open international call for artists. The theme of self-portrait offers a variety of possibilities for the artists as well as the audience: the works challenge spectators to reflect upon their own self as well. The jury members for the Performance Voyage 4 were Taina Erävaara, Leena Kela and Timo Soppela.

Performance Voyage 4 is supported by AVEK – The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture and City of Helsinki Cultural Office.

Since the premiere in Finland, the compilation has been shown all around the world. The successful tour covers over 20 events and exhibitions in 14 countries.

The Finnish Artists’ Association MUU, founded in 1987, promotes professional artists working across a wide range of disciplines. MUU has 650 artist members, based in Finland. MUU’s two galleries in Helsinki arrange exhibitions, screenings, concerts and performances by artists and curators from Finland and abroad. MUU Media Base is a digital working space to support creation of art works achieved through the use of new technologies.

Amorph! International Performance Art Festival has been arranged since mid 90’s, latest 2014 with the theme “Community”. Performance Art Bank database, published 2011, presents Finnish performance art. MUU has actively organised international sound art events, exhibitions and workshops. MUU FOR EARS is a series of sound art CD publications, presenting Nordic and International sound art. At the end of year 2014 a new database of Finnish sound art, Sound Art Bank, will be published. www.muu.fi

Performance Voyage since 2011

The “Performance Voyage” project started in 2011 in conjunction with the Amorph! Festival. In 2011 Amorph! was organized as part of the official programme of “Turku – European Capital of Culture”. After that Performance Voyage became a part of MUU’s annual project repertoire, and has year by year become an increasingly prominent international project. The goal of the project is to record and document performance art that usually is bound to the moment, and by doing so keep the piece alive even after the actual performance.

Open call for Performance Voyage 5 closed June 15th 2014. The theme for next year is “Domestic”, which is approached from the perspective of both home and homelessness. Home is about belonging somewhere, and through our body we are part of something: family, culture, race, language. Through our body we are also exluded from these factors. We are currently searching for screening venues for the year 2015!