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MUU Gala

MUU_GAALA_logo_pieni15 Dec 2014

A screening of video art by Finnish artist members of MUU

Elokuvateatteri Orion, Eerikinkatu 15, Helsinki


A screening of video art by Finnish artist members of MUU

Featuring front-line Finnish video artists:

Pasi Autio | Risto-Pekka Blom | Anja Helminen | Helinä Hukkataival | Jussi Härkönen | Jukka-Pekka Jalovaara | JP Kaljonen | Maippi Ketola | Juhani Koivumäki | Nuutti Koskinen | Johanna Lecklin | Tommi Matikka | Soile Mottisenkangas | David Muth | Elena Näsänen | Ilkka Pitkänen | Pauliina Salminen | Pekka Sassi | Pia Sirén | Johanna Väisänen | Timo Wright

Opening toast & speech: Perttu Rastas, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art

MUU Gala showcases media art at the Orion cinema in Helsinki. The purpose of the event is to bring Finnish video art from galleries to the screen and on into the homes of viewers. MUU Gala is a unique art event where buying and experiencing art are made easy. It gives you a chance to meet artists in person and perhaps also find a work to take home with you.

The two screenings in MUU Gala are based on themes that borrow their names from works chosen for the event. Earth 2.0 paints both an utopia and a dystopia of the world we live in. An Unfamiliar Step dives deep into the human mind and its vistas. In addition to their visual aspects, both screenings also include strong viewpoints on reality, politics and humanity itself.

The collection presented in MUU Gala is curated by Outi Sunila and Hanne Ivars.


5.30 pm Opening toast
6 pm Screening 1 / An Unfamiliar Step
7.20 pm Curators´ words
7.30 pm Screening 2 / Earth 2.0

Collecting and viewing media art is different, fun and easy – and MUU makes it possible. We are happy to invite you to MUU Gala to see and hear the very latest of what is happening in media art!

Advance registration: muugalleria@muu.fi

NOTE! Limited number of seats