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Artists' Association MUU » FLOATING PEERS 2013: International Social Practice Workshop
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FLOATING PEERS 2013: International Social Practice Workshop

email_header37 – 27 November 2013
Chittagong, Bangladesh

Programme venues:

Press conference
Press club Chittagong
Jamal Khan sorok, Chittagong
Date:12 November 2013
Time: 11-12am

Open Studio Exhibition
Patenga Sea Beach, Chittagong
Date: 22 November 2013
Time: 10am -7pm

Seminar at the Institute of Fine Arts Chittagong University
Badsha Mia Road, Catteswari, Chittagong
Date: 24 November 2013
Time: 2pm-5pm

Seminar at Bangladesh Government Shilpakala Academy of Fine and Performing Arts
Mohammad Ali Road, Chittagong
Date: 25 November 2013
Time: 5pm-8pm

Participating artists:
Aishwarya Suultania (India), Anna Knappe (Finland), A.K.M.Ariful Islam (Bangladesh), Alaptagin Tushar (Bangladesh), Azizul Quadir (Bangladesh), Aranya Sharma (Bangladesh), Buddho Dev Mondal (Bangladesh), Chang Wan Wee (South Korea), Chikahiro Hanamura (Japan), Farah Naz Moon( Bangladesh), Farhana Preya (Bangladesh), Hossain Mahmood Rocky (Bangladesh), Joydev Roaja (Bangladesh), Jublee Dewan (Bangladesh), Kalle Hamm (Finland), Masaki Morishima (Japan), Maruf Adnan (Bangladesh), Mishuk Ehsan (Bangladesh), Meherun Akter (Bangladesh), Milton Anwar (Bangladesh), Mong Mongshay (Bangladesh), NHM Abu Bakar (Bangladesh), Partho Protim Saha (Bangladesh), Rita Leppiniemi (Finland), Sanjeev Maharjan (Nepal), Sarita Dongol (Nepal), Shaila Jinnat Runi (Bangladesh), So Young (South Korea), Santanu Mondal (Bangladesh), Shipon Ali PK (Bangladesh), Suchayan Paul (Bangladesh), Sultana Nashrin (Bangladesh), Sumit Chakraborty (Bangladesh), Sreekanta Acharjee (Bangladesh), Syeda Neegar Banu (Bangladesh), Yan Hee Choi (South Korea), Yongsung Behck (South Korea), Zihan Karim (Bangladesh)

Programme coordinated by:
Abu Naser Robii (Bangladesh) & JP Kaljonen (Finland)

FLOATING PEERS 2013 is a project for community art practitioners organised jointly by Artists’ Association MUU and the Porapara Space for Artists in Bangladesh. The project will involve 38 participating artists from Finland, Bangladesh, India, Japan, Nepal and South Korea. The participating Finnish artists are Kalle Hamm, Anna Knappe and Rita Leppiniemi. The Finnish project coordinator is artist JP Kaljonen.

Landless people who have fled from the countryside to the cities are a serious and rapidly growing social problem in Bangladesh. Many of them live on the fringes of society without permanent abode or basic necessities, earning their livelihood by collecting refuse, hawking or as rickshaw pullers. Social instability deprives children of school education and exposes young people in particular to all kinds of exploitation.

FLOATING PEERS 2013 project will consist of a series of workshops in which the participating artists develop and carry out community initiatives with street children and their families in the Porapara area. The goal of the project is to develop, in collaboration with local artists and experts, artistic means to involve and empower this segment of the population, to enhance their quality of life and give public exposure to the issue.

Owing to the traditional character of the country’s education system, the field of socially engaged art is marginal in Bangladesh. The project therefore aims to engage artists from different countries in a peer learning process and to highlight socially engaged art within the field of culture in Bangladesh.

The project will be presented at the two concluding seminars, one in the Bangladesh Cultural Ministry’s Shilpakala Academy, the other at the Art Academy of the University of Chittagong. Also a video documentation will be made, to be presented later on both in Bangladesh and in Finland.

The project is supported by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland and the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

JP Kaljonen, JP@kaljonen.com
Timo Soppela / Artists’ Association MUU, director@muu.fi

www.muu.fi | porapara.org