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Artists' Association MUU » ANNI LAAKSO: Foam
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anni_nettisivulle6 – 29 September 2013

MUU gallery

In her work, artist Anni Laakso explores the values associated with consumerism, violence and ecological issues, seeking to make visible something that is not always readily apprehensible. For instance, many of our attitudes, customs and norms seem natural and non-ideological to us today, although they may have been quite different originally.

The underlying idea in the exhibition is to use the human body as a vehicle to examine issues arising from the search for economic gain. The movements of capital seem invisible to us. The drive to maximise profits is nevertheless quite concrete, it affects everything that happens in society today. It is an integral part of the fabric of society and of our customs and practices, and it thrives in societies of all types. It is in fact considered a natural force that we are unable to control.

The characteristic feature of Anni Laakso’s art is a hand-built form that is constructed of a variety of materials. The materials are generally found or recycled. The temporary nature of the artworks and their transformation into new works reflects the artist’s conception of the world as a place of ceaseless cycles and change.

Sculptor Anni Laakso has created works for public spaces and galleries in Finland and abroad since 1996. She typically works with temporary site-specific walk-in installations.

The exhibition is supported by Alfred Kordelin Foundation and National Council for Visual Arts