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Artists' Association MUU » ON THE THRESHOLDS OF PRIVACY 14-17 August 2013
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yk214 – 17 August 2013
Mynämäki, Finland

Artists: Marko Alastalo, Andrea Böning, JP Kaljonen, Peter Kees, Søren Lose, Susken Rosenthal

Welcome to the opening of the event at Kulttuuri Kulmala (Mäenkyläntie 3, Mynämäki) on Wednesday 14 August at 4 pm!
Opening words:
Seija Österberg, Mayor of Mynämäki.
Henri Terho, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Regional Office of Southwest Finland, Special Advisor.

Guided tour to art works in Mynämäki center.
Marko Alastalo, performance 6 pm at Rotary Club.

The international public art project in Mynämäki, entitled On the Thresholds of Privacy and produced by Artists’ Association MUU, extends from June to August 2013. Mynämäki is a municipality of Finland, located in the province of Western Finland, 30 km from Turku. The project examines the physical as well as mental space between what is very private and what is public. Involving collective experiences and action, the works created by the artists explore the issues of community and public space as a geographic, social and even moral sphere. Personal participation in art making gives local residents an opportunity to accomplish permanent changes in their environment.

On the Thresholds of Privacy is a public art project that consists of three events on the same theme, conducted in three small towns in Germany, Denmark and Finland. The first part of the project was realised in the town of Brück, situated in the countryside of former East Germany 70 km south of Berlin. The project is organised by Artists’ Association MUU in collaboration with Kunstpflug e.V. in Germany and Somewhere in Denmark. It is curated by Timo Soppela, Christian Skovbjerg Jensen and Susken Rosenthal.

Follow the project on the MUU gallery Facebook page, which also has information on the artists and their works. New video clips of the project are posted every day: http://www.facebook.com/events/499402876808768/

On the Threshold of Privacy, Mynämäki, Finland, 14 – 17 August 2013
Artists: Marko Alastalo, Andrea Böning (Germany), JP Kaljonen, Peter Kees (Germany), Søren Lose (Denmark), Susken Rosenthal (Germany)
Curators: Timo Soppela, Christian Skovbjerg Jensen, Susken Rosenthal
Producer: Hanna Uusi-Seppä
Dokumentarist: Juha Mäki-Jussila
Graphic design: Eveliina Pakarinen
Co-operation partners: Artists’ Association MUU, Kunstpflug e.V. and Somewhere

Supported by:
Kone Foundation, Goethe-Institut

Thank You:
Saari Residence, Mynämäki municipality, Mynämäki Rotary Club, Kulttuuri Kulmala, Hertz,
Mattilan pyörä ja pienkone, Pertti Aalto, Leena Kela


Marko Alastalo: Neljän kysymyksen koe / The Four-Way Test
Place: Mynämäki Rotary Club, Virastotie 1. Performance Wed 14 August 6 pm.
Is this the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned? The four-way test is a key ethical principle guiding the actions of Rotarians. The questions provoked Marko Alastalo to create a performance about personal choices and values together with the Mynämäki Rotary Club. Marko Alastalo works with multidisciplinarily with performance, live art, media art, music and audio art, experimental theatre and community art.

Andrea Böning: Pieni Talo / Little House
Place: Virastotie 3, in front of the building.
The work in the village of Mynämäki represents an abandoned house in the form of a miniature tent. Erected in front of the original, the temporary structure is reminiscent of the garden houses people build next to their home. Many such garden houses look like a copy of the owner’s house and are a reflection of their pride, status and achievement. The blurring boundaries between fake and original, between artificiality and authenticity are the core in the work of Andrea Böning.

JP Kaljonen: Populus
Place: Kulttuuri Kulmala, Mäenkyläntie 3.
In his art, JP Kaljonen explores themes related to interaction between different cultures and social groups. His works are participatory and they take place in the public space. In the Mynämäki project, communities living in the area will design a park for the village. The designs will be presented to the public at the opening of the project at cafe Kulttuuri Kulmala.

Peter Kees: Arcadian Square Meter
Place: Kulttuuri Kulmala, Mäenkyläntie 3. (dokumentation)
On the 14th of June 2013 Peter Kees declared a square metre of Finish territory to be the sovereign territory of Arcadia. Foreign governments have no power of prosecution on this land. Peter Kees is a chronicler and surveyor of contemporary social phenomena. In 2006 Peter Kees founded the Embassy of Arcadia.

Søren Lose: Halkopino / Wood Stack
Place: Keskuskatu 22, parking area.
Normally wood stacks are left anonymously behind private houses, sheds and barns, where they serve a temporary functional purpose. Wood is still one of the most commonly used materials for heating, construction etc. and there is wood practically everywhere. However, when the halkopino is displaced to a central place in Mynämäki, it becomes a tribute to this fabulous timeless material, a temporary monument to Mynämäki. Søren Lose works in various media such as installation, photography, film and sculpture.

Susken Rosenthal: Uusi Naapuri / New Neighbor
Place: A house at Arvonkuja 10.
In an area of newly built family homes, the artist covered the windows of one house with mirror foil, and also the windows of the car in front of the house. Into the garden she placed a robotic lawn mower that cuts the grass by itself. We can´t see into the house. Is there a stranger inside, hiding his private life from our eyes? Or is he a spy, observing our own life through the mirror? Susken Rosenthal is the artistic director and curator of Kunstpflug e.V. that is an art initiative based in the countryside outside of Berlin.