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vaakuna_ivTheme: Self-Portrait

• Artists’ Association MUU announces an open call to artists to submit video performances to the international PERFORMANCE VOYAGE 4 event.

• The deadline for submissions is 15 June 2013!

• The premiere of the selection will take place in MUU gallery in Helsinki in 2014, after which the works will tour Europe during 2014.

The first Performance Voyage (2011) was a selection of performances created for the camera. It was published in conjunction with the Performance 2011 Festival organized by MUU as part of the official programme of the Turku 2011 Capital of Culture year. The second Performance Voyage (2012) was a selection of video documentations of performances. The theme of the third collection (2013) was sound and body.

We are now looking for video performances on the theme of “self-portrait”.

Performance art is almost invariably personal in one way or another, because all the aspects from idea to implementation to the performance itself tend to be done by the artist personally. The artist is present in his/her work, using his/her body to construct images, and often the work can be a self-portrait more or less. We are now looking for video performances in which self-portraiture plays an essential part. A performative self-portrait always has a temporal aspect, making it a moving, processual, evolving, multidimensional thing, even collective, because it can demonstrate the artist’s links to his/her environment and the people in it.

The open call for the Performance Voyage 4 selection is for recent video works, preferably 1–5 minutes in duration (max. 10 min.). Only submit edited footage – unedited raw footage will be rejected. The compilation will be presented around Europe in 2014, with the premiere screening held in MUU gallery in Helsinki in 2014.

The maximum allowed duration of the videos is 10 minutes. Each submission must include the name of the artist, the title of the performance, the duration of the video and, where appropriate, also information about where, how and when the original performance took place.


In your applation, you can also include a SHORT explanatory text (in English) if you wish this text would be add to the beginning or to the end of the video. The text is not a requirement, but may help the audience to understand the work better.


There is such a range of digital formats today that this can be a bit complicated. Ideally we want to get the best quality video possible – particularly if the video was shot in High Definition.
Here are a few key requirements:

Firstly and most importantly, all videos must be in PAL format (25 frames/sec)!

If the original video is in standard definition, a good option is to send it to us on mini DV tape. You can also export the video as an AVI or Quicktime standard definition DV file and send it to us on a DVD data disk.

You can also send the video as a standard DVD, but make sure that it is encoded at a high quality, with the highest DVD bit rate of 8 Mbps. The DVD should only contain a single video – do not send us a compilation DVD.

If the original video was shot in 16:9 (widescreen format), please export the video with a 16:9 frame ratio – do not convert it to 4:3 (letterbox) format.

If the original was shot in a High Definition format, we recommend that you send us a copy of the video exported into a HD file format and burned as a data file on a DVD data disk. Alternatively, you can send us a download link to the file.

There are many different HD video codecs in use today. We recommend exporting the edited video using either the MP4 or H.264 codec. Export the video with a 1080p or 720p frame size and use a relatively high data rate. A 10 minute video with a high bit rate should fit onto a 4 GB DVD.

You can also upload the video to MUU’s server. You will need an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client that will transfer your files (video, image, sound) via Internet to our server. For that, you need the recipient’s FTP address (and password, if necessary). FTP requires a fixed broadband connection. Uploading large files, such as videos, is slow and difficult with mobile broadband. For instructions on FTP submission of your video, contact MUU by email muugalleria@muu.fi

Before sending us your video, please try playing it in a VLC player (http://www.videolan.org/vlc). If you can play it in VLC, there is a good chance we will be able to play the video as well.


Send the completed submission form, CV and the video by post to
MUU ry / Performance Voyage 4
Lönnrotinkatu 33
00180 Helsinki

The deadline for all submissions is 15 June 2013.


Accepted video formats: DV/DVD. You can also send us a download link to the proposed work.

You can make your entire submission online by sending your completed SUBMISSION FORM by email to muugalleria@muu.fi

Selected artists will be contacted by email latest on 31 August 2013.

The selected artists will be asked to either send a DVD hardcopy of their work, or to upload the file to the MUU server, no later than on 15 September 2013.

If you wish us to return the tape or disk you sent us, please include an addressed return envelope. Do not send master tapes or disks, as we cannot accept liability for loss or damage.
More info: muugalleria@muu.fi, +358 (0)9 625 972, www.muu.fi