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Artists' Association MUU » PERFORMANCE VOYAGE 3 – kansainvälinen videoperformanssien sarja
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PERFORMANCE VOYAGE 3 – kansainvälinen videoperformanssien sarja

MUU studio

Performance Voyage 3 esittelee 12 taiteilijan ja ryhmän videoperformansseja. Kokoelma on valikoitu kansainvälisen avoimen haun pohjalta, jonka teemat – keho ja ääni – tarjosivat monenlaisia toteutusmahdollisuuksia. Teoksissa ääni syntyy maisemasta, tai liikkuu puheesta ja toiminnan tuottamasta äänestä sävellettyyn musiikkiin. Juryn jäseniä olivat taiteilija Helinä Hukkataival, MUU ry:n toiminnanjohtaja Timo Soppela ja Suomen Taiteilijaseuran näyttelykoordinaattori Marketta Tuomainen.

Vuoden 2013 aikana Performance Voyage 3 -videoperformanssit ovat esillä eri puolille Eurooppaa. MUU studion jälkeen seuraavina esityspaikkoina ovat Supermarket -taidemessut helmikuussa Tukholmassa ja Small Projects Gallery maaliskuussa Tromssassa, Norjassa.

1. Annette Arlander: Day and Night of the Dog, 2007 (Suomi)
2. Filippo Berta: Concerto of soloists, 2012 (Italia)
3. Trine Hylander Friis: Voice Works # 1-2, 2010 (Norja)
4. Essi Kausalainen: Last Little Donkey, 2013 (Suomi)
5. Mikey McParlane & Michael Mallis: Love Puddles, 2011 (USA)
6. Maria Nikiforaki: In the gardens, 2011 (Kreikka)
7. Anna Nykyri: Uurteet (luonnos) / Trails (an outline), 2012 (Suomi)
8. Andreas Pashias: For Starters, 2012 (Kypros)
9. Dana Sederowsky: Hasselblad Announcements, 2010 (Ruotsi)
10. Surya Tüchler: SpieluhrMund, 2012 (Saksa)
11. Tracy Valcarcel: Will To, 2012 (Kanada)
12. Eero Yli-Vakkuri: Art Must Be Original, Artist Must Be Original, 2011 (Suomi)

Kokonaiskesto: 38 min



1. Annette Arlander: Day and Night of the Dog, 4:00 (Finland)
I sit with a yellowish scarf on my shoulders in a pine tree on Southern Harakka island 13 times at Halloween time, from 20.10 at 12.15 – 21.10. at 12.15 2006, with two-hour intervals.

ANNETTE ARLANDER (born 1956) is an artist, researcher and a pedagogue. She is one of the pioneers of Finnish performance art and belongs to the trail blazers of artistic research. Arlander is educated as theatre director, Master of Arts (philosophy) and Doctor of Art (theatre and drama). She is professor in performance art and theory at Theatre Academy, Helsinki. Arlander’s art work is focused on performing landscape by means of video or recorded voice.


2. Filippo Berta: Concerto of soloists, 2012, 2:09 (Italy)
A group of men are drinking the broth seated at a table in a lunchroom. Each of them emphasizes every sip by sucking forcefully from the spoon, so emit a noise intrusive. Every individual manifests his presence during the act of eating by means of this gurgle coming from his mouth, but finds himself inexorably absorbed by a collective chaotic noise. Every one tries to distinguish from this collective uniformity (the same dish, the same table, same chair…), but it is a futile attempt and the result is a parodic competition in which everyone tries to surpass the other people and to stand out from them.

In 2008 Filippo Berta won the Fourth Edition of The International Prize od Perfromance, Civic Gallery of Trento (IT). He exposed at the MADRE Museum of Naples (IT), at the National Brukenthal Museum of Sibiu (RO), at the Centre of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniky (GR), and participated at the Prague Biennale V Edition (CZ) and the Moscow Biennale for Young Art III Edition (RU).


3. Trine Hylander Friis: Voice Works # 1-2 (Norway)
Voice Works #1-2 are two videos based on recordings of the artist’s voice. These nonverbal and haunting voices are connected to images of the primal elements; fire and wood. The first Voice Work is more narrative in character, while the other reaches a more abstract, mystic level by making use of mirrored patterns and almost hypnotising repetitions.

Trine Hylander Friis is a graduating MA student at Bergen National Academy of the Arts. Her videos and installations have been exhibited and screened in solo and group shows as well as several film festivals in Scandinavia, The Netherlands, Spain, France and Mexico.


4. Essi Kausalainen: Last Little Donkey, 2013, 2:00 (Finland)
Woman, wearing bicycle helmet and black spandex clothes, moves through the image on all fours on top of wooden trestles. The space is a well light warehouse with a big ply wood container, stacked wooden benches and trestles. As the woman moves the trestles under her limbs make a rattling sound against the concrete floor.

Essi Kausalainen has been active in the international performance art scene since 2000. In addition to her performance works she has had six solo exhibitions in Helsinki, Malmö and Turku presenting videos, performances and installations. In her work Kausalainen explores the complex relations on beings and things by creating ephemeral situations and spaces.


5. Mikey McParlane & Michael Mallis: Love Puddles, 6:08 (USA)
In the golden fringe of a far off galaxy, an alien planet teems with exotic life. Twiggy creatures rush to an ominous volcano and rub their bodies against its glittering surface, enticing the volcano to awaken and spray its gooey chaos across this furry world.

A collaboration between Michael Mallis and Mikey McParlane, MFA graduates in Film, Video, New Media & Animation at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Love Puddles is a collision of B movie beauty and camp splendor. It will be featured in The Institute of Extraterrestrial Sexuality, a collection of artist works surrounding the theme of non-humanoid, alien erotica.

Mikey McParlane is a singer/performance artist living and working in Chicago. Michael Mallis’ work has screened and exhibited internationally at festivals and galleries. Together, their collaborative work has appeared in the MIX: 25th NYC Queer Film Festival, Fetisch Film Festival, Anthology Film Archives, and A Gathering of Tribes Gallery.

6. Maria Nikiforaki: In the gardens, 1:29 (Greece / UK)
I am squatting naked over a hole in the garden, whilst bound with a 60 meter long perforated watering hose, both ends of which are attached to two flowing water taps. The hose is pierced in 10 cm intervals across its whole length, resulting in a fountain of water around my body. The idea is derived from the iconic Renaissance image of the divine beauty. These representations were found in gardens, fountains, paintings and all other types of sculpture. However, here I have contradicted and debased this symbol of beauty to suggest the collapse of morality and evoke a more realistic and honest depiction.

Maria Nikiforaki was born in Crete, Greece in 1988. In 2012 she graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts of Greece in the sector of Visual Arts. She has participated in a range of exhibitions, festivals and projects that vary from group exhibitions, projects based on books/seminars/thematics to photography festivals, fashion festivals and performance festivals in France and different cities in Greece. Maria Nikiforaki lives and works in London.

7. Anna Nykyri: Uurteet (luonnos) / Trails (an outline), 5:00 (Finland)
In her video work “Trails (an outline)” Anna Nykyri has examined the writing process of a dance film, collecting archive material from performers while asking the question “what movement pattern has remained to echo in your body, without losing its grip?” The music of the video was composed by sound artist Petri Kuljuntausta. Dancers: Elina Pirinen, Satu Rekola, Maija Nurmio, Tuukka Vasama, Hanna Pajala-Assefa.

Anna Nykyri (born 1981, Master of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Culture and Arts) works as an artist and director in the fields of visual arts, cinema and theatre. Nykyri uses film and archive materials to create documentary films and cinemaesque video installations. The themes of her works are often political, such as questions of power and control, propaganda structures and hidden violence. Nykyri’s works include dance-like features: the montage of the films is constructed so that they seem like a dance of images, a choreographer’s handiwork.

8. Andreas Pashias: For Starters, 4:24 (Cyprus)
In this video-performance, a set of national stereotypes is portrayed through plates and their respective products for consumption (in the form of appetizer dips, popular in traditional Greek cuisine). Referring to this menu for the body as a choreographed methodology, the artist poses and attempts to transform it through movement into a touristic artifact of representation ready for export.

As a visual artist and a performer, Andreas Pashias orchestrates live performances presented directly to an audience or video performances set up for digital viewing. His practice aims at the performative interrogation of physical action, through the artist’s own body as the basic material for creation. Pashias has graduated from Goldsmiths University 2010 and Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design 2011 in London.


9. Dana Sederowsky: Hasselblad Announcements, 1:13 (Sweden)
The phrase “This is a still photograph” is pronounced simultaneously as the gesture of filming is performed. At one point the character finds herself stuttering, and the meaning of the pronounced phrase shifts. In the video monologues Sederowsky uses a specific system of rules; for example the camera is to be still and portrait without cuts, the background should be monochrome and she only uses her own face and body. Sederowsky investigates language through linguistic excercises, speech-acts and phonological experiments, focusing on the process of using speech and how words are delivered directly in the face of the viewer.

Dana Sederowsky was born in Helsingborg, Sweden 1975, and she lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. She has graduated from Valand School of Fine Art Gothenburg University 2006.


10. Tracy Valcarcel: Will To, 5:02 (Canada)
WILL TO is a video about our world of desires and how real can imagined situations be. The act of desiring is personified by a man who performs different styles of swimming trying exhaustively to make himself feel in a pool. However, his actions seem absurd and illogical because he does so on the floor of an empty room. His performance is juxtaposed with images and sounds of water running down a graffiti wall, dripping onto a doorstep and running incessantly down a household tap that portray water’s ubiquity in the city and further contrast the abundance and lack of it in the context unfolding in front of the camera. WILL TO further questions what is considered as logical, appropriate or absurd behaviour under societal norms. The video is an open-ended question addressing our will to power and how it can shift the ways we think about reality.

Tracy Valcarcel is a multidisciplinary artist born in Lima and based in Montreal. Focusing on performance and video installation, since 2010 Tracy has worked with the theme of the body and its position within a cultural identity framework. She has trained as a pianist and a dancer in Lima under the guidance of choreographers Sonia Hayashida and Morella Petrozzi. In 2012 she graduated from Concordia University with a Fine Arts degree in Intermedia Cyberarts.


11. Surya Tüchler: SpieluhrMund, 2:40 (Germany)
In the video performance ”SpieluhrMund“ Surya Tüchler, watching directly into the camera, slowly opens her mouth until you can see the movement of her uvula. Then she puts a small wooden box into her wide opened mouth. When she opens the box you can see the mechanics of a musical box. She starts to play the melody of the musical box by rotating the crank. The mouth of the artist opens as if she wants to tell us something. The musical box can be an aid for a communication with the person opposite. The title of the video performance „SpieluhrMund“ is a combination of the two materials of the performance: a musical box (in German „Spieluhr“) and a mouth (in German „Mund“). The performance was filmed in April 2012 in Braunschweig, Germany without audience.

Surya Tüchler was born in 1980 in Germany and is now based in Hamburg. In 2010 she got a Meisterschüler degree in fine arts at the Braunschweig University of Art, Germany. Surya Tüchler is a co-founder of a performance group in Braunschweig and has organized three festivals for performance art, which took place in public spaces in Braunschweig.


12. Eero Yli-Vakkuri: Art Must Be Original, Artist Must Be Original, 1:19 (Finland)
The performer repeats the phrase “Art Must Be Original, Artist Must Be Original” while manipulating exposed electric wiring (taped to a stick) with his mouth. The work has been released under the Creative Commons (by-sa 3.0) license and is freely downloadable (http://archive.org/details/ArtMustBeOriginalArtistMustBeOriginal). Anyone can download the video, edit it or even use it as such in their own productions.

Eero Yli-Vakkuri (born 1983) is known for site-specific (for example, a certain city district, other space or group) performances, conceptual art projects and video works criticizing technology and the media. He works using different art forms, typically in collaboration with other multi-disciplinary artists, artisans or scientists such as astronomers.