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Artists' Association MUU » Exhibitions and events 2012
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Exhibitions and events 2012


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MUU gallery has profiled itself as an uncommercial multiform stage for installations, video art, audio pieces and performance exhibitions. The gallery presents artists whose works have yet to be seen in mainstream galleries, but also acclaimed representatives of experimental art. The artistic course is determined by the choices made by the board of exhibition and the curators.

Gallery applications in finnish.

Spring 2012:

13.1.-5.2.2012  MUU gallery: Juhani Koivumäki: Parallel Reality

10.2.-4.3.2012 MUU gallery: Milja Viita: Coriolis – on the planetary wind which united twins

27.2.2012 MUU gallery: MUU Maanantai: Peer-to-Peer -Review

9.3.-1.4.2012 MUU gallery: Carl Sebastian Lindberg: Home and Country

10.-29.4.2012 MUU gallery: Personal City

4.-27.5.2012 MUU gallery: Sanni Seppä: Animal Theory

4.-27.5.2012 MUU studio: Juha Mäki-Jussila: Suddenly Last Summer

5.-21.6.2012 MUU gallery: MUU FOR EARS presents: Invisible Time – taidetta korville

Autumn 2012:

3.-26.8.2012 MUU gallery: Antidote 5

31.8.-23.9.2012 MUU gallery: Heini Aho: Thougth Leans on Another

31.8.-23.9.2012 MUU studio: Pauliina Salminen: Dividing Bond

28.9.-17.10.2012 MUU gallery: Annette Arlander: The Steaming Earth

19.10.2012 MUU gallery: FITAX500 (FITAX FINLAND)

22.10.2012 MUU gallery: Finished and Last -minute videos

12.11.2012 MUU gallery: Performance Night

23.11.-16.12.2012 MUU gallery: New MUU Exhibition

26.11.2012 MUU gallery: Light in Art and Light as  Art

3.12.2012 MUU gallery: New MUU Monday – Past and Present

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