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Artists' Association MUU » MUU Monday: Past and Present – events by new members & panel discussion 3 December 2012 MUU gallery
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MUU Monday: Past and Present – events by new members & panel discussion 3 December 2012 MUU gallery

NEW MUU 12 is a curated joint exhibition by 10 artists or artist groups. Based on an open call, the exhibition consists of work by new member artists of MUU from 2011–12. The exhibition programme also includes a MUU Monday evening event on 3 December presenting performance, media and audio art. The evening’s programme also includes a discussion on the topic of “Finnish artists in Berlin”. The discussion is moderated by Maritta Mellais from the Central Art Archives of the Finnish National Gallery.

Nastja Säde Rönkkö: Touch, performance
Joonas Siren (aka Younghusband): Live Modular, improvised audio performance
Yokotai: Yokotai Experience, a video installation and live audio work

Panel discussion:
Finnish artists in Berlin. Maritta Mellais, researcher, Central Art Archives, Finnish National Gallery.

The performances of NASTJA SÄDE RÖNKKÖ are about the fundamental issues of humanity: closeness, sexuality and loss, as well as their structure and meaning. Touch is a performance installation that explores the closeness between two strangers. The work investigates the boundaries of the personal physical and mental space, and what happens when that boundary is crossed.

joonassiren164006Live Modular is an improvised sound performance in which YOUNGHUSBAND (the alias of visual/sound artist JOONAS SIREN) uses an analog modular synthesizer as the only sound source. Modular synthesizers differ from normal synthesizers in that the sound is modified by using a patch cable to physically plug together sound modules. Live Modular is a ‘tabula rasa’ performance in which Siren builds the sound up from scratch. No modules have been patched beforehand. Slowly, through a series of choices, Siren modifies the sound by patching different modules freely together. One of the fundamental things in working with modulars is that you can seldom tell in advance what the end result will be.

yokotai_kokemus2163934YOKOTAI is an audiovisual group founded in 2005 by three artists, Kai Niemeläinen, Jaana Penttinen and Tiina Penttinen. Yokotai create their sound works live by using analog devices such as drum machines, samplers and monotrons. The video installation being screened at the same time accentuates the playing, and together the sound and the visuals create a polyrhythmic whole.

The event is part of the MUU 25 Years Anniversary Programme. Artists’ Association MUU is a national interdisciplinary art organization that represents video and media art, sound and performance art, light, installation and environmental art, as well as other experimental modes of art. There are currently 600 artist members in the organization. September 2012 marked the 25th anniversary of the founding of MUU. To celebrate the anniversary, MUU proudly presents active interdisciplinary events and talents from the very top as well as from the margin of contemporary art, together with future visions.

Supporters: Svenska Kulturfonden, Konstsamfundet