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Artists' Association MUU » NEW MUU – Joint exhibition by new members of MUU 23 Nov – 16 Dec 2012 MUU gallery
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NEW MUU – Joint exhibition by new members of MUU 23 Nov – 16 Dec 2012 MUU gallery

uusimuu_12_tunnusNEW MUU 12 is a curated joint exhibition by 10 artists or artist groups. Based on an open call, the exhibition consists of work by new member artists of MUU from 2011–12. Every year about 80 Finnish or Finland-based artists apply for membership in MUU. Representing a wide range of disciplines, nearly one half of the applicants are accepted as members.

Marko Alastalo & Aino Eskelinen
Pii Anttila
Hanna Järvenpää
Ulla Karttunen
Teemu Lehmusruusu
Tommi Matikka
Anna Nykyri
Nastja Säde Rönkkö
Joonas Siren (aka Younghusband)

NEW MUU 12 features videos, photographs, performances and installations. Based on the submissions to the open call, the theme of the exhibition is humanity. The exhibition programme also includes a MUU Monday evening event on 3 December presenting performance, media and audio art. The evening’s programme also includes a discussion on the topic of “Finnish artists in Berlin”. The discussion is moderated by Maritta Mellais from the Central Art Archives of the Finnish National Gallery.

The NEW MUU 12 exhibition is part of the MUU 25 Years Anniversary Programme, and also a new addition to the annual programme of MUU gallery. http://www.muu.fi/site/?p=6935&lang=en

Curators of the exhibition: Hanne Ivars, Duncan Juvonen, Varpu Lukka, Outi Sunila and Timo Soppela.

Supporters of MUU 25 Years programme: Svenska Kulturfonden, Konstsamfundet

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/muugalleria

MARKO ALASTALO & AINO ESKELINEN Hiili (Ensi linja / Alppikatu, Helsinki), video performance

marko-alastalo-ja-aino-eskelinen_hiiliHiili (‘Carbon’) (Ensi linja / Alppikatu, Helsinki) is a site-specific video performance in which Aino Eskelinen tears charred wood from a burned house and uses it to paint her skin black. While exploiting the disused space, she also merges with it. The performance explores disused urban places and the social and local history embedded in them. Concepts arising from the process include fragility, transience, cycles and forgetting.

Marko Alastalo works with performance, live art, media art, music and audio art, experimental theatre and community art. He is interested in the processes of interaction between the individual and the system, and the associated bodily experiences. The interest manifests itself in different ways in his works, such as the use of the functional properties of sites, interaction created through brain waves, and engaging the audience to participate in the creation of the performance.

Aino Eskelinen began her artistic career with visual art, but soon features of installation and live art began appearing in her work. Eskelinen explores the relationship between space and images through the individual, which makes the human condition as the key issue in her work. In Eskelinen’s work, the non-human (such as the environment) acquires an equal status with the human individual.

PII ANTTILA Situations Wanted – Applying for a Job in the Underground Economy

Situations Wanted is an art project and creative research that highlights the underground economy of cities. It tells the story of the hidden employment market and interacts with the audience to make them aware of the black market and of people who are prepared to exploit foreign girls for money. Situations Wanted touches upon the foreign jobseeker’s identity, it takes a critical view of black market employment and seeks to push citizens towards change. The project seeks to promote awareness of the phenomenon and its conventions. Anttila will search for a job in Rome in December as a part of the Celeste Prize art competition. During the job hunt, she will broadcast information daily from Rome to the Muu gallery. Anttila’s study interests include art as research, autonomous media, and power structures.

HANNA JÄRVENPÄÄ Scapegoats, installation

hanna-jarvenpaa_syntipussi1Hanna Järvenpää’s art has evolved through printmaking to sewing and bricolage. Most of the materials she uses are recycled and recycleable. Järvenpää’s first scapegoat was inspired by the story of Sylvia Likens. There are many people in the world who are exposed to the collective anger of some group. There is in us an inability or an unwillingness to understand difference. It has led, and will lead, to the persecution of minorities. Because human memory is short, we need constant reminders of past horrors so that the mistakes will not be repeated.

ULLA KARTTUNEN Fragments of a Global Mystery Religion, photographs

ulla-karttunen_blind-spot-society-iThe works of Ulla Karttunen in the exhibition are part of a broader series on the freedom of speech in a society dominated by the market. The market economy is a fairy tale for adults, a mystery religion. By appealing to pleasure, is aspires to the status of the first truly global religion. When highest ethics are laid down by the marketplace, criticism of the market economy becomes a new form of blasphemy, a crime. One is only allowed to refer to the banal reality if one masks the eyes in order to make reality unrecognisable. Ulla Karttunen’s art is characterised by the intermingling of images and philosophy. She has worked with digital and manual image manipulation, installation, performance and artist books.

TEEMU LEHMUSRUUSU Bonsai No Kokoro, video

teemu-lehmusruusu_bonsai_no_kokoroBonsai No Kokoro consists of a documentary audio interview with a bonsai gardener coupled with the fictitious figure of an almost motionless woman in a garden filled with tiny trees. The exhibition space can be seen as an Oriental room of teaching where you can sit down to listen and examine age-old perspectives on the ancient art of love. The main element of the work is time, the crucial requirement for the work of love. Teemu Lehmusruusu creates total works of art that contain constructed spatial elements, video installations, sound, typography and text, and also photographs.

TOMMI MATIKKA Dead Burning City & Small Heroes, videos

tommi-matikka_dead-burning-cityDead Burning City is an experimental short film about the human condition. Inside an airplane, people fight against an unfortunate terrorist. The hero is only too familiar with this kind of a fight, but then something goes wrong. Who will save the hero if he saves the others? Small Heroes is a video that blends video footage with hand-drawn stop motion animation. Small superhero children are running and flying over the rooftops in Dakar. They are not very good at it, and they always end up falling to the ground. The soundtrack of the video partly imitates the sounds of classic video games.

Tommi Matikka and his wife Maria Matikka are a video art collective called Together Forever Studio. Matikka is interested in transgressing visual boundaries, the solid interconnectedness of stories and reality, and fictional cinema.

ANNA NYKYRI, dance video

In the video, Anna Nykyri explores the process of scripting a dance movie. She collects archive material on movements from dancers by asking: “What movements remain resonating in your body without letting go?” The soundtrack by Petri Kuljuntausta consists of locked sounds – vinyl records stuck in a groove.

Anna Nykyri uses archive materials of all kinds to create documentary films and cinematic video installations. The themes of her works often involve the body, but they can also be political, such as issues of power and control, the structure of propaganda and hidden violence. The works contain dance-like elements: Nykyri constructs her films so that they seem like images dancing to a choreography.


NASTJA SÄDE RÖNKKÖ Touch, performance installation

The performances of Nastja Rönkkö are about the fundamental issues of humanity: closeness, sexuality and loss, as well as their structure and meaning. Touch is a performance installation that explores the closeness between two strangers. The work investigates the boundaries of the personal physical and mental space, and what happens when that boundary is crossed. Nastja Rönkkö graduated from the Slade School of Fine Arts, London, in 2011. Her most recent performances are Club 27 in Kiasma and Tickle 50th at the Belfast Festival in 2012.

JOONAS SIREN (AKA YOUNGHUSBAND) Live Modular, improvised sound performance

joonas-sirenLive Modular is an improvised sound performance in which Younghusband (the alias of visual/sound artist Joonas Siren) uses an analog modular synthesizer as the only sound source. Modular synthesizers differ from normal synthesizers in that the sound is modified by using a patch cable to physically plug together sound modules. Live Modular is a ‘tabula rasa’ performance in which Siren builds the sound up from scratch. No modules have been patched beforehand. Slowly, through a series of choices, Siren modifies the sound by patching different modules freely together. One of the fundamental things in working with modulars is that you can seldom tell in advance what the end result will be. Joonas Siren is a Helsinki-based aural/visual artist (b. 1983). He often works with sound and uses it in many different ways and contexts. His visual works are often located within the fields of digital art, installation and site-specific art.

YOKOTAI Yokotai Experience, video installation and live sound work

yokotai_kokemus1Yokotai is an audiovisual group founded in 2005 by three artists, Kai Niemeläinen, Jaana Penttinen and Tiina Penttinen. Yokotai create their sound works live by using analog devices such as drum machines, samplers and monotrons. The video installation being screened at the same time accentuates the playing, and together the sound and the visuals create a polyrhythmic whole. As well as live performances, Yokotai organises art exhibitions consisting of video and sound installations. The team has produced found mini-CDs of their own music, and will release their first vinyl record in 2013.


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