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Artists' Association MUU » MUU Monday: PRESENTATION AND CONCERT 27 August 2012 MUU gallery
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MUU Monday: PRESENTATION AND CONCERT 27 August 2012 MUU gallery

circuit-bending-01MUU Monday –
Circuit bending/hacking
The results of Sound Art Workshop part II
and a Concert by Kacper Ziemianin.
MUU gallery 27 August 2012.

The Artists Association MUU is organizing a comprehensive three stage workshop on the construction of sound instruments, sound recording and editing, with a view to creating a finished piece of sound art.

circuit-bending-02In the exiting second part of the workshop the participants have built new instruments from existing materials such as old keyboards, walkman, radios or effect units by adding new functionalities to them. The second part of the workshop took place in Cartes, Espoo.

circuit-bending-03The methods used in construction have been circuit bending and hacking. The participants were introduced to history, safety measures, basic tools and components that every circuit bender needs and to some ideas behind circuit bending. They learned the basic techniques, such as soldering and using meter. After practicing to solder wires to a button, to a light dependent resistor and to a potentiometer, to test with a meter if it works, they finally got to open their toys and find the circuit and start looking for new connections and sounds.

Artists presenting their works are: Tommi Matikka, Aleksi Myllykoski, Seppo Renvall and Tomas De Rita.

You are welcome to find out more and experience these instruments live at MUU Monday presentation!


After the presentation workshop tutor Kacper Ziemianin will give a 20 minutes concert with self built instruments and modified toys: “I improvise using these instruments. I put emphasis on sound texture and diversity, rather then melody or rhythm, but sometimes even I get surprised with the result, because it is all a little bit up to chance and the result can be funny or scary at the same time”.

Kacper Ziemianin (born 1982) has background in classical music and a lot of adventures in sound, ranging from black metal and electronic music to ambient and noise. At present, Zeimianins focus is on building his own instruments and modifying existing ones. His other areas of interest are audio-visual installations, sound design and interactivity. He improvises in live performances using self-made instruments to create live electronic music with a focus on texture.

Kacper Ziemianin is MUU’s artist in residence in August 2012. The residency is organized in cooperation with the Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation. An exhibition by Kacper Ziemianin, AROUND THE CLOCK – multichannel sound installation, is

open till 31 August 2012 Sound Art Gallery Akusmata, Helsinki.