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Artists' Association MUU » MUU FOR EARS presents: INVISIBLE TIME – a show for ears 8 June – 6 July 2012 MUU gallery
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MUU FOR EARS presents: INVISIBLE TIME – a show for ears 8 June – 6 July 2012 MUU gallery

invisibletime Produced by Artists’ Association MUU, Invisible Time is an exhibition of  international sound art featuring works by 12 artists from 11 countries.


Opening performance by Derek Holzer: a improvised performance with self-made electronics.

Derek Holzer, photo by Eelco Borremans

Exhibition in Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/324099014333563/
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Featured artists, installations and performances:
Miriam Akkermann (South Korea)
Derek Holzer (USA)
Takashi Mitsui (Japan)
Stefan Riebel (Germany)

Wall of Sound artists:
Konstantinos Fioretos (Greece)
Johan Landgren (Sweden)
Jay-Dea Lopez (Australia)
Shana Palmer & Melissa Moore / Secret Secrets (USA)
Minh Pham Quang Tran (Vietnam)
Snorkel Quintet (Spain)
Myriam Van Imschoot (Belgium)
Jatin Vidyarthi (India)

More info about artists and works —>

invisibletime_bIt  includes four sound installations: Miriam Akkermann’s (South Korea)  interactive Info-Room deals with information exchange and its position in  society. Derek Holzer (USA) uses self-made electronics and electro acoustic soundboxes in his installation, whereas Takashi Mitsui (Japan) employs ambient sound from Helsinki in his installation Symphony Room Number L-33. Stefan Riebel (Germany) creates a time (consuming) installation with LP-players.

“The Wall of Sound” section presents 11 tracks by eight artists. They include From the Edge of Saturn by the Australian sound artist Jay-Dea Lopez; We are the Night Family by the Greek sound artist Konstantinos Fioretos, written for four tubas; the innovative and creative Vietnamese composer Minh Pham Quang Tran continues to discover and experiment with new styles in his track Dogma; Jatin Vidyarthi from India focuses on ambience, mood and atmosphere in the two tracks aM I hEre and HuMid; Snorkel Quintet from Spain (Carlos Edelmiro Pechant, Gabriel Millán, Oscar Durán, Diego Caicedo, Martin Del Litto) explores silence in their composition called Las Discretas.

The tracks in the Wall of Sound section will be published later this year on a CD in the MUU FOR EARS series. The earlier MUU FOR EARS CD compilations no. 1–9, published in 2009–2012, will also be available in the Invisible Time exhibition. The MUU FOR EARS compilations have already published sound art by 71 artists or artist groups from 14 countries.

We are surrounded by sound, but we might not always be aware of its impact. Falling into the category of media art, cross-disciplinary Sound Art usually focuses on sound, hearing and the issues of listening. Sound Art can be pure sound, without a visual component, or is can be installations or sculptures that make use of all kinds of devices, such as computers or instruments. Experimental music often comes very close to sound art, and the boundaries are becoming ever more fluid. The centre of sound art in Europe is Berlin, the place of residence of many artists featured in this exhibition.

The artists for the Invisible Time exhibition were selected through an open call for submissions process. The call for proposals was published in February 2012, and 406 applications from 39 different countries were received by the end of the deadline. The exhibition is part of Audio Autographs, the international sound art project of Artists’ Association MUU.

The main supporter of the Audio Autographs project is Nordic Culture Point.

The project comprises workshops, lectures, CD publications and events which have in 2009–2012 also been supported by the Finnish Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture AVEK, Frame, Konstsamfundet, Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute,

Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Foundation, Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland,  and the Arts Council of Finland.

Produced by Artists’ Association MUU.

Curated by Rita Leppiniemi and Timo Soppela.

MUU galleria, muugalleria@muu.fi


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