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Artists' Association MUU » 27.11.-20.12.2009 Pasi Autio
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27.11.-20.12.2009 Pasi Autio

MUU gallery

Moments when the hidden wonders of everyday life appear, when seemingly simple things reveal their complexity, when we see a glimpse of something greater – these are the starting points of my new video pieces.

Pray, 2009, performer: Linda Granlund

Language, expressed by speech and song, plays a key role in my work. Instead of ordinary communication and the sharing of thoughts, what interests me in language is how it functions as a bridge that links us to the community and, on a more general level, to humanity at large.

I have studied what happens when thoughts are uttered aloud, or the mere names of objects, and how words that describe things in an image can give a new meaning to a familiar sight when they are sung or spoken aloud. One thing that fascinates me is how song and speech form a whole when they are presented simultaneously, even when the two distinct modes of presentation remain on their own, separate levels.

I have sought to distil my ideas into short videos that depict simple and reduced situations. However, I hope that they will nevertheless work in keeping with the logic of the title of the exhibition, Space of Moments.

The exhibition is sponsored by

Svenska Kulturfonden
Visual Art Promotion Centre (Visek)
Arts Council of Finland