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Artists' Association MUU » 30.10.-22.11.2009 Kaisu Koski
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30.10.-22.11.2009 Kaisu Koski

MUU studio:

Kaisu Koski’s video works revolve around scientific body concepts. She investigates those aesthetic conventions through which biomedical domain influences the understanding of the body and health in general. Kaisu juxtaposes the intimate and personal body experience with the clinical understanding of the body.

Kaisu Koski is a media artist and researcher, based in the Netherlands. She has studied in the Faculty of Art and Design in the University of Lapland, and defended her PhD Augmenting Theatre in 2007. Koski has also completed the graduate program in performing arts DasArts in the Amsterdam School of the Arts. Her art practice is intertwined with an academic research, in which she unravels the biomedical body concepts through art. Koski is affiliated with the Arts and Genomics Centre in Leiden University.

Bloodtest (2007) 3’47”
The piece is a poetic and clinical thriller raising questions about the body intelligence and its interior/exterior. The body appears as a landscape through closed-circuit camera drive.

Kiitos / Thank you:
Oskar Öflundin säätiö / Oskar Öflunds Stiftelse
Tuotanto / Production: DasArts Amsterdam
Kamera / Camera: Kaisu Koski & Joris Weijdom