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Artists' Association MUU » 2.10.-25.10.2009 Hålmgård, Maasalo, Ziegler
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2.10.-25.10.2009 Hålmgård, Maasalo, Ziegler

MUU gallery:

Nyren & Pyramiden Exhibition
2.10 – 25.10. 2009

Members of the group:
Peter Holmgård (Copenhagen)
Mikko Maasalo (Helsinki)
Denise Ziegler (Helsinki)

Works on view in the MUU Gallery were all created by the group in 2004–2009. They are divided into three groups: Stand Still, Rowing and Walks.

Walks and Rowing are about how our own physical characteristics affect the way we perceive space, while Stand Still is about our awareness of events and our expectations regarding them.

Each member of the Nyren & Pyramiden group will also present in MUU Studio a work that expresses their own individual way of processing their observations.

The cooperation of the Nyren & Pyramiden group
“Since we represent different fields of the Arts (sculpture, painting, performance/theater), it is always a professional challenge for each of us to produce these collaborative works. Over the past nine years we have worked and exhibited our works in different parts of Europe (Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, Turkey, Finland etc.) and working on site in different surroundings has become an essential part of the group’s working process.

We often include parts of the group’s previous works into the ongoing project. The group’s work can be described as serial sculptural project with incorporated audiovisual elements. Before installing the exhibition at MUU gallery, we meet for an intensive workshop period in Helsinki to do the final work on the pieces we will exhibit.

While working on a project we create our own methods of communication. Our work develops in long discussions during which we use words, images and sounds to communicate our ideas and this new communication method will be visualised in the exhibition.”

Photos of the exhibition – Photos by: KekeTop:

Installation shot of the Studio


Exploded balloons, Peter Holmgård


Installation shot of Studio


Installation shot of the Gallery


Installation shot of the Gallery


Installation shot of the Gallery


Installation shot of the Gallery