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Artists' Association MUU » MUU FOR EARS 9 – Collection of Finnish and Norwegian Sound Art and Experimental Music
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MUU FOR EARS 9 – Collection of Finnish and Norwegian Sound Art and Experimental Music


MUU FOR EARS 9 explores the sound art and experimental music scenes in Finland and Norway. The compilation contains a wide range of material, including field recordings, sound installations, experimental musical improvisations, remix and sample compositions and live recordings. The CD features eight artists and 17 tracks with a total duration of 68 minutes.

The artists on MUU FOR EARS 9 are Child Of Klang, Hemmelig Tempo, Trond Lossius and Marieke Verbiesen from Norway, with Mikko Maasalo, Aleksi Myllykoski/Urban Dark Ensemble, Antti Nykyri and Joonas Siren/Younghusband from Finland.

The CD was released at the Supermarket Art Fair at Kulturhuset in Stockholm, 17-19 February 2012. The second release event will be organised in Lydgalleriet in Bergen, Norway, 13 April 2012. http://www.lydgalleriet.no

The mission of MUU is to promote the collaboration and interchange between artists working within different fields of art, such as sound and music, video, media art and performance. The publication of MUU FOR EARS is part of MUU’s Audio Autographs project featuring international sound art events, workshops, publications, artist talks and lectures, and also an online radio at http://www.muu.fi/sound


MUU FOR EARS 9 – a limited edition of 600. Price: 15 euro (postage included).
Order your copy from: muugalleria@muu.fi
On sale at: MUU gallery, Lönnrotinkatu 33, 00180 Helsinki, Finland, +358-9-625 972

Earlier publications are also available:
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MUU FOR EARS 2 (published 2/2010) – Nordic Sound Art. Price: 15 euro.
MUU FOR EARS 3 (published 6/2010) – International Sound Art. Price: 15 euro.
MUU FOR EARS 4 (published 8/2010) – Soundtracks for Video Works. Price: 15 euro.
MUU FOR EARS 5–6 double CD (published 11/2010) – Baltic and Russian Sound Art. Price: 20 euro.
MUU FOR EARS 7 (published 2/2011) – Finnish and Swedish Sound Art. Price: 15 euro.
MUU FOR EARS 8 (published 5/2011) – Sound and Performance Art. Price: 15 euro.

Produced by Timo Soppela and Rita Leppiniemi / Artists’ Association MUU.
Mastering by Petri Kuljuntausta.
Graphic design by Sanna Kaitakari.

Finnish-Norwegian Foundation
Nordic Culture Point
Arts Council of Finland

01 Marieke Verbiesen: Rjukan 2:34
02 Antti Nykyri: In Between 2:20
03 Antti Nykyri: A Song for Nurses 3:30
04 Joonas Siren: Exploring Amen (part 2) 3:28
05 Younghusband: Cosmic Rays from the Planet Altar 4:50
06 Hemmelig Tempo: Double Tape Station 6:16
07 Hemmelig Tempo: Do Not Experiment in the Sauna 2:39
08 Mikko Maasalo: Breen_01 3:05
09 Mikko Maasalo: Breen_02 4:35
10 Child Of Klang: Marmelen – The Magical Bridge Hymn #1 1:01
11 Child Of Klang: Marmelen – The Magical Bridge soundtrack (featuring Kristine Tjøgersen, clarinet) 6:05
12 Aleksi Myllykoski: Non-Place Walk (abandoned theme park version) 5:01
13 Urban Dark Ensemble: No Fallin’ (Ad-Free Remix) 3:58
14 Trond Lossius: Lines Converging at a Distance 7:20
15 Mikko Maasalo: Breen_03 3:44
16 Marieke Verbiesen: eyeyeyuh 2:28
17 Marieke Verbiesen & Håvard Pedersen: No Laptop Liveset 4:30

– – –


Elin Øyen Vister is a Norwegian sound artist, composer and visual artist. She is also known as DJ Sunshine. Elin Øyen Vister has studied sound engineering, music techonology and popular musicology in Norway and Great Britain. She is currently studying in the Master’s programme of Nordic Sound Art at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art. Elin Øyen Vister works mainly with field recordings, compositions of electro-acoustic and electronic music, sound sculptures and live improvisation.

Marmelen – The Magical Bridge was originally composed for an outdoor sound installation at Kjerringøy in the North of Norway. The upper part of the installation consisted of field recordings from the island Kjerringøy made in different seasons. The lower part consisted of four songs and sound collages paying homage to the Norwegian folktale figure the Mairman (Marmelen), half fish and half man. If you where kind to the Mairman, he would give you riches and fishing luck in return.


Hemmelig Tempo is a Norwegian experimental musical improvisation trio formed in Bergen in 2007 and consisting of Professor Fokuda-san, Doktor Døv, and Professor Waffel. The Department of Visual Research and Latency is currently led by Professor Pixel. Preferring the label ‘research group’, the trio mixes quasi-scientific sound experiments with performance art, sound installations, free improvisation, instrument-making and satire. The album Who Put John Cage on the Guestlist? was released on the renowned French Musea label in 2011.

The purpose of the experiment Double Tape Station was to investigate the effects of passing a tape loop through two separate tape recorders: 1) Tandberg 3300X (right channel) and 2) TEAC X-2000M (left channel). A circuit-bent Sencor S-5002 4-track tape recorder was used as the sound source. The echo effects available through the sound-on-sound function of the Tandberg 3300X were utilized to further enhance the modulation capabilities of the setup. Consequently, the original sound is processed by the echo effects in the right channel before it is repeated, after a short delay, in the left channel, producing a rhythmical loop in strange metres. Additional modulations were produced by manually slowing the tape. The experiment was aborted after 64 minutes when several tapeloops had been snapped within a relatively short time, and it was shockingly discovered that the experiment was basically a replication of Robert Fripp’s early experiments with tape recorders.

Do Not Experiment in the Sauna is a free improvisation of superimposed layers of constantly modulated sounds performed at The Institution, Bergen, possibly around 2009 after Professor Waffel’s return from a conference in Helsinki. He was never the same again.


Trond Lossius is a sound and installation artist based in Bergen. His work is a continuous exploration of sound in space. He is educated in geophysics, music composition and sound art, and combines artistic practice and research with software development. He works as a research and development coordinator at BEK, Bergen Center for Electronic Arts.

Lines Converging at a Distance is a site-specific sound installation, commissioned for the 750th anniversary of Håkon’s Hall in Bergen. It is based on recordings of the Bergen Barokk early music ensemble performing Ex te lux oritur o dulcis Scocia, composed for the wedding of King Eirik Magnusson and Princess Margaret of Scotland in 1281. The recordings were further processed and played back as a 12-channel sound work.


Mikko Maasalo works with installations that feature lights, sounds, moving images, paintings and objects. In addition to sound installations and independent sonic works he has also composed soundtracks for experimental film and video works.

Breen_01, Breen_02 and Breen_03: A sound carpet going up and down in volume establishes a fuzzy element, and the sounds emerging from and returning to it become recognizable melodies embedded in long trajectories and slow waves. Occasionally, as frequencies merge, short sequences arise which resemble manipulated speech.

High frequencies move at random in the stereophonic space. The small sounds linger on in echoes, disappearing gradually somewhere in the space between the left and the right ear.


Aleksi Myllykoski is as DJ, producer and sound designer. His sound works have been heard on air in the Finnish national radio, in the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma and at the Love & Anarchy Festival. He has performed as a DJ for many years in different venues, presenting a wide range of music. He has also produced his own club nights (incl. Söndag Jazz and DJ Kitchen) and has worked as a producer for various events such as the Funky Elephant Festival. Myllykoski has lectured on DJ techniques, DJ and remix cultures as well as sound design in general.

Non-Place Walk (Abandoned theme park version): The work is an audio walk into an imaginary non-place which does not exist in the physical world. Listeners can decide for themselves what kind of emotional state and place they wish to enter when listening to the piece.

Urban Dark Ensemble – No Fallin’ (Ad-Free Remix): The work is based on a short trailer made for a 2011 film festival and Myllykoski’s soundtrack for it. The climbing trailer contained several falling scenes, and the music expresses the harrowing and strenuous mood of the extreme sport. In the long version featured on the CD, Myllykoski was able develop the themes of the piece into fuller compositions without losing too much of the character and qualities of the original.


Antti Nykyri works with sound and art in versatile ways. As a composer and a sound designer and performer, he has worked in such contexts and venues as ensembles and bands, contemporary dance performances, art exhibitions, performance-oriented installations, theatre, musical theatre, musical instrument design and interface research. He has recently also served as the artistic director for the Institute for Northern Culture in Finland and is currently preparing his artistic doctoral thesis at the Theatre Academy in Helsinki for the Performing Arts Research Centre with support from Elomedia – Doctoral Program of Cinema and Audiovisual Media.

A Song for Nurses. Composition: Antti Nykyri. Originally created for the contemporary dance piece Yksinoikeudella. Premiered on 20 February 2003 at the Theatre Academy Helsinki. Remixed for Muu for ears (2012).

In Between. A fragment from the contemporary dance piece Insomnia. Composition: Antti Nykyri. Premiered on 28 February 2008 at the Ateneum Hall, Ateneum Art Museum, National Gallery of Finland. Remixed for Muu for ears (2012).


Joonas Siren is a Helsinki-based sound and visual artist. Sound and its various uses are of paramount of interest to him. His visual works are often located within the fields of digital art, installation and site-specific art.

Exploring Amen (Part 2) is a continued investigation on the use of the Amen break. The Amen break is a sample from a drum break by the soul and funk outfit The Winstons, and is the foundation of the entire Drum n’ Bass genre. Exploring Amen poses questions about the subject of sampling. For me, DnB seems somewhat rigid in its conventions. Sampling could also be a more radical trans-configuration of the original sound, which I try to convey with my polyrhythmic piece.

Cosmic Rays from the Planet Altar. Younghusband is Joonas Siren’s alias for experimental and improvised electronic music. The name is taken from the British explorer and mystic Francis Younghusband. Cosmic Rays is one of Younghusband’s many improvised drone based tracks.


Marieke Verbiesen is an all-round multimediapet working with animation, games, design & electronic art projects. She makes music with the Nintendo Gameboy Classic using LSDJ & Nanoloop.

Marieke Verbiesen: Rjukan, made with Nintendo Gameboy. The song was made in Rjukan, a tiny town in the mountains of Telemark in Norway.
Marieke Verbiesen: eyeyeyuh. Song made with Nintendo Gameboy.
Marieke Verbiesen & Håvard Pedersen: No Laptop Liveset. Song made with Nintendo Gameboy, Korg MS20 & Roland TR808.