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Artists' Association MUU » CARL SEBASTIAN LINDBERG: Home and Country 9 March -1 April 2012 MUU gallery
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CARL SEBASTIAN LINDBERG: Home and Country 9 March -1 April 2012 MUU gallery

lindberg_maailmanmestareita01Carl Sebastian Lindberg’s (b. 1978) exhibition “Home and Country” examines the feelings of togetherness associated with the concepts of the home and the native country.

The exhibition takes its title from the eponymous main work in the show, a video piece about the childhood experiences of the artist’s aunt, writer Ann-Mari Lindberg (b. 1935), in the Winter and the Continuation War and how those experiences have affected her childhood.

Home and Country explores the experiences of a child and also the mundane details which illuminate great historical events. For example, the breakout of the war is told through the grandfather’s purchase of gas masks for the entire family, and how the grandmother made snow camouflage for the children – the same kind of camouflage worn by soldiers.

The alliance of Finland with Nazi Germany during the Continuation War is touched upon when Ann-Mari tells about the military upbringing she received in the German School in Helsinki, which she attended up to 1944.

Hostilities with the Russians are illustrated by the way Ann-Mari changes her ideas about Russians when she comes into contact with POWs at her grandfather’s farm, and how difficult it was afterwards for her to see them merely as enemies.

The micro-historical and fragmented perspective and narrative mode are used as a device to avoid the glorification of war experiences – and thereby the glorification of war.

The work makes use of photographs from family albums, Ann-Mari Lindberg’s childhood drawings and archive photos from the German School, as well as fragments from war-time news reports published by the Finnish Defence Forces. The news reports are blatantly propagandist and racist, likening the Russians to rats and lice.

Carl Sebastian Lindberg writes:
“I wanted to tell about the experiences of my aunt’s generation and how those experiences have moulded her values, because I believe that the experiences of earlier generations are in some way embedded in us, even though we might not know how.”

The other video in the exhibition, World Champions, is an independent work which illustrates the powerful emotions associated with national identity as late as the 2010s, and how these emotions facilitate the transgression of social norms. The video is a documentary of the celebrations which took place in the streets and in the market square in Helsinki after Finns had won the world hockey championship in spring 2011.

Carl Sebastian Lindberg

Artist Carl Sebastian Lindberg (b.1978, Helsinki) completed his MFA thesis in the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2006. After graduation he has mostly worked with the moving image, and has exhibited his work in both solo and group exhibitions as well as video and film festivals. In 2011 his work was exhibited in the Jyväskylä Art Museum, the Backlight Photography Festival and the Poriginal Gallery of the Pori Art Museum. His latest one-man exhibition in Helsinki was Citizen in Galleria Huuto in 2010. It too explored national identity.

Ann-Mari Lindberg

Ann-Mari Lindberg is a writer who has published an autobiographical or autofictitious trilogy consisting of the books Kraschen (Söderströms 1996), Chansen (Söderströms 1998) and Revanschen (Söderströms 2000). In 2005 she published a new book, Nybyggarliv (Söderströms). It is a story of the Porkkala peninsula before and after Soviet occupation.

Carl Sebastian Lindberg´s homepage: http://www.sebastianlindberg.net/


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