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Artists' Association MUU » JUHANI KOIVUMÄKI “Parallel Reality” 13 January – 5 February 2012 MUU galleria
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JUHANI KOIVUMÄKI “Parallel Reality” 13 January – 5 February 2012 MUU galleria

koivumaki_rinnakkaistodellisuusParallel Reality presents situations in which the individual has passively accepted and assimilated the aims and values of society.

The exhibition explores the values produced for individuals by the cultural industry and the powers that be.

The limitations to human consciousness presented by current knowledge are demonstrated through their consequences.

The exhibition focuses on the gap, created by instrumentalised reason, between humanity and nature, both within and without. Parallel Reality examines the self-image of the human animal, contrasting the consequences of that image to the existence of the rest of creation. Presented together in an art context, the works are expressive of the impacts of our values on the freedom of choice and welfare of the individual.

Parallel Reality is part of a series of three exhibitions (Original Sin, Parallel Reality and Superhuman) which examine the problems resulting from the conflicts between the interests of society and the individual. Parallel Reality focuses on the consequences of an instrumentalised worldview. The project is showcased at the website www.ihmisyys.fi, presenting all exhibitions at one place.


Part of the Parallel Reality exhibition, the video piece Conscious has previously been presented as an independent short documentary at the Helsinki Short Film Festival, the Cartes Flux Festival of New Media Art, and the Young Artists exhibition in Kunsthalle Helsinki.

It was also included in the Kettukilpailu series of films touring Finnish cinemas.

The concept of Conscious is simple: 14-year-olds are asked two questions: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and “What will happen then?”.

The young people in front of the camera did not know the questions in advance, but had their parents’ written permission to participate in the project.

The film shows how young people’s ideas of their own future is dominated by the school system, their parents and the mass media.


The other works in the Parallel Reality exhibition (Faith, The End and the Beginning, Parallel Reality) are de-signed to engage in a reciprocal dialogue in the gallery, and thereby to provide broader perspectives and emotions on the consequences of an instrumentalised idea of life.

Juhani Koivumäki was born in Hämeenlinna in 1981. He lives in Helsinki. He had his first solo exhibition in 2002 as a result of being awarded the title of Young Artist of the Year in the region of Häme. In 2008 he received his MA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. He has had five solo exhibitions and has participa-ted in numerous group exhibitions and short film festival screenings in Finland and internationally. He has also co-curated media art festivals, where he has presented his own work and those of other Finnish artists. Juhani holds audiovisual workshops with
children and young people in Finland and abroad (Hämeenlinna, Berlin, Phnom Penh). Juhani also makes noncommercial music videos and visuals for plays. His works range from traditional cinematic storytelling to experimental
film, video art, photography and installations. Thematically, his works explore universally painful issues and spiritual self-consciousness, as well as conflicts between the interests of the individual and society.



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