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Artists' Association MUU » MUU VIDEO 2011 25 November – 18 December 2011 MUU studio
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MUU VIDEO 2011 25 November – 18 December 2011 MUU studio


MUU VIDEO 2011 is a collection of seven video works on the theme of ’landscape’ – from a summery forest road to a skyscraper city to spacescapes.

The works in the collection are on show in the MUU studio as a Christmas exhibition. They can now also be bought on DVD for home use (price for private use €15). The total duration of the works is 21 minutes.

The Christmas exhibition in the MUU studio also features other merchandise: DVDs, sound art and new music on CDs, art books and new publications of comics art.
MUU VIDEO 2011, artists and artworks:

Gun Holmström: CANAL GLITCH, duration 3:58, 2011. Music: John Blue
Canal Glitch deals with the aesthetics of modern urban planning through the beauty of data errors. During a data hacking process the Uutela canal in a new posh seafront district in Helsinki became a poem of pixels. The process resulted in a moving version of Claude Monet’s paintings of water lilies.

Juha van Ingen: GALACTICA, duration 0:55, 2011.
(hyperlooppi = a video loop repeating several times per second)
Galactica is composed of three stills images of snow at night. The images form a hyperloop. A hyperloop is an extremely short video which is repeated several times every second. As the loop keeps playing, the snow starts to resemble a galactical spacescape.

Rita Jokiranta: ALL MY TEARS, duration 2:20, 2008.
Heavy rain against a window and a blurred background of trees swaying wildly in the storm. The video can be seen as a documentation of natural forces, a reminder of recent hurricane catastrophes and climate change, and also as a poetic and compassionate recollection to commemorate all the victims in these events; the rain drops seen as tears in the viewer’s eyes. The image is also given an undefinable touch of a painting.

Mikko Kuorinki: SUMMER PARADE, duration 2:41, 2010.
We see an image of an empty forest road in summer. The sound of distant percussion instruments grows louder. A woman banging a drum and a man crashing cymbals march together on the road, towards and past the camera.

Sari Palosaari: MINIMAL ROMANTIC, duration 3:35, 2011.
High up above an urban landscape, a glass cube protrudes out from the wall of a skyscraper. Inside the cube there are people viewing the distant horizon. We hear a slightly volatile, minimal sound, as the cube rises up along the axis of the image. The slow rising motion is emphasized by the sound that reaches a disturbing level until it snaps into a complete silence at the very moment the cube reaches its highest point. For some time, you can still hear the echo of the sound that was suddenly cut away. A free fall begins. The image scatters into multiple cubicles floating above the view.

The images of the animated video were shot at the Willis Tower lookout ledge in Chicago, Illinois. The footage is partly filmed on location and partly collected from the Internet.

Minna Parkkinen: CIRCLE, duration 5:53, 2010.
Circle is the final episode of the trilogy Dive-Grey-Circle which illustrates the accidental death of a loved one, the subsequent devastating sorrow, interim survival and slow recovery. The final episode of the trilogy depicts the return of joy and the perception of beauty and mystery in everyday life.

Thomas Westphal: VERTICAL LIMIT, duration 1:32, 2011.
The protagonist in this video is a hand that travels up a 16-meter high tree. The haptic journey starts at the solid trunk at eye level and ends at the filigree of the topmost branches. Vertical Limit explores the idea of human reclamation of space, in this case vertical space.

The hand on its exploration is not only a symbol of manipulation of the physical world, but also a tool for how to perceive it.


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