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PERFORMANSSI 2011 Festival presents:

MUU Maanantai PERFORMANCE VOYAGE     23.5.2011 klo 18-21

Kuva Antti Laitisen teoksesta Voyage

Antti Laitinen: Voyage, video, 2008

Premiere of the Performance Voyage in MUU gallery, moderated by artist Markus Renvall.


The content of the Performance Voyage is formed by the art works that were selected through an open call. Almost 200 artists sent their video performances worldwide. During the festival week in Turku, the videos will spread out all over, into some surprising and exceptional places, such as a café, a hair dresser’s, a restaurant and a convenience store.

Performance Voyage will be run, beside Turku, around Europe during 2011 – in Hamburg, Helsinki, Riga, Tallinn and Tromsø. Part of the videos selected by the jury will be displayed in the festival’s partnership-cities. Members of the video jury were Markus Renvall, Jari Kallio and Timo Soppela.

Performance voyage Artists and works

Heini Aho: Black Hole, 2:19 (Finland)

Paola & Luis Fernando Chaves Olarte: En Obra (Building Site), 9:31 (Colombia)

Jan Hakon Erichsen: Seek and Destroy, 4:20 (Norway)

Heidi Kilpeläinen HK119: The Great Non Figurative ‘K’, 5:01 (Finland)

Nina Kurtela: Transformance, 10:00 (Croatia / Germany)

La Favorita colectivo: Planideros (Mourners), 3:56 (Mexico)

Antti Laitinen: Voyage, 4:31 (Finland)

Paul Wiersbinski: King Nothing, 6:50 (Germany)

The PERFORMANSSI 2011 Festival IN TURKU will aim to expand the coverage, accessibility and the audience and enhance the national and international networking of the artists. In the centre of the project there is a discovery of some new, creative, pioneering paths of performing and receiving arts, which connect the performance arts, urban environment and the local people. In the centre point of the execution is to work decisively through performing high quality contemporary art for promoting a culturally diverse and accommodating city.

PERFORMANSSI 2011 festival is a part of the official Turku Capital of Culture 2011 programme.


Kansan Sivistysrahasto, Konstsamfundet, Nordic Culture Point, the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland, the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, the Arts Council of Finland, the Turku 2011 Foundation






MUU gallery:


Performance Voyage 2011 Tour

23.5. Helsinki, Finland – MUU galleria

23.–29.5. Turku, Finland – Performanssi 2011 Festivaali

25.5. Riga, Latvia – 2ANNAS International Short Film Festival

18.6. Hampuri, Germany – FRISE Künstlerhaus, Altonale Festival

30.9. Tallinn, Estonia – Kumu taidemuseo

19.11. Tromsø, Norway – Tromsø Kunstforening