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Artists' Association MUU » JUKKA HAUTAMÄKI “Heathen” 29.4.-22.5.2011 MUU gallery
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JUKKA HAUTAMÄKI “Heathen” 29.4.-22.5.2011 MUU gallery

Picture: Jukka Hautamäki “Boundaries Of Earth And Empyrean” 2011

How can you know what is good? How is reality constructed, and what is it that drives us? How could this thing be investigated? Some kind of a story must be fashioned in order for the ideas crystallised in the artworks to work together.

My imagination has been fired by the folk story of a bridegroom who comes to take his bride to keep him company in the graveyard. Not knowing that he is dead the bride follows the boy, even though he is strangely silent. Then the boy begins singing in the moonlight: The Moon shines so bright, the dead man rides so light, are you not afraid, O living one? But the girl replies that she is not afraid on anything in his company. It is first in the cemetery that she gets cold feet when the boy and the other graveyard dwellers begin making preparations to welcome her. She flees, but the boy manages to grab a piece of her garment. When the day breaks and the girl returns with others to the graveyard, she finds the piece on the boy’s gravestone.

The story has all the elements needed for a good tale, and you feel it in your gut. There is really no other way to explain it.

The exhibition presents ordinary everyday objects that contain new, unknown features. They make the imagination fly.

Jukka Hautamäki

Picture: Jukka Hautamäki “Passed Time Will Never Return” 2011

Media artist Jukka Hautamäki (b. 1971) uses consumer goods, such as video cassettes or stale bread, as the material of his works. The works, which often take the form of an installation, is supported by sounds and images. Hautamäki investigates the interaction between nature and man, observing simple things, such as how the wind expresses itself or what the rustle of tree branches sounds without branches. The emphasis is often on the reciprocal dynamic between the individual works and on the overall mood. The exhibition at MUU Gallery is Hautamäki’s seventh one-man show.