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Artists' Association MUU » MARIA ÅNGERMAN “Interim” 29.4.-22.5.2011 MUU studio
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MARIA ÅNGERMAN “Interim” 29.4.-22.5.2011 MUU studio

Picture: Maria Ångerman “Interim” 2011

The work Interim plays with notions of background and forefront. Ångerman brings into focus landscape and location as character, while the people remain somewhat in the background. The work suggests hidden narratives in ordinary actions and gestures, as well as in interim moments.

Interim was shot during a residency in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 2011.

Picture: Maria Ångerman “Interim” 2011

Maria Ångerman’s work encompasses a diverse range of media, including methodologies related to drawing, filmmaking, literature and relational art practices. Central to this dynamic body of work is a sensitivity to personal engagement and the fragility of intimate moments in (occasionally alienating) public environments. The artist has a tactile sensibility that is evident throughout her work, across her use of high- and low-tech equipment, from moving image work to subtle wall-drawings and animations.
The work is clearly emotive in content, sometimes verging on nostalgia. Maria Ångerman works intuitively and presents a subtle series of narrative fragments, occupying a delicate territory between documentary fact and poetic fiction.