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Artists' Association MUU » WEARABLE ELECTRONICS 2011
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Wearable Electronics 2011

6 ects
19.9.2011 – 05.12.2011

The course focuses on the use of wearable computing and electronics in art. This broad and varied field provides new opportunities for artistic work and for the creation of multi-disciplinary art projects embracing media art, costume design, fashion design and engineering, as well as other fields.

Electronics and sensors allow artists to create interactive smart garments that produce sound and images in reaction to movement. They sense and communicate with the environment or react to it, and send online messages. As the term ‘wearable’ suggests, such artworks are carried by the user, thereby interacting with the environment. The participants will use the Arduino development platform and learn about various wireless technologies. The course curriculum covers the special skills required for the creation of independent works. Participants will create small workshop projects together before embarking on their own projects which are done in groups of three students.

The course is organised in cooperation between Aalto University School of Art and Design and Muu Artist’s Association.

Further information and updates on the course website: http://wearable.mlog.taik.fi

Teachers in charge

Tomi Dufva and Jukka Hautamäki

Other teachers
Raija Jokinen, Marja Uusitalo, Markku Nousiainen

Visiting lecturers
Meg Grant, Laura Beloff

Previous experience with Arduino and embedded electronics is recommended (applies only to students from Aalto Media Lab).

Technical platforms
Arduino, LilyPad, Xbee, gps, and basic electronics. Options: Processing, Max/MSP.

Course language



Course duration
19.9.2011 – 05.12.2011

Max students
5 participants from AAD / Media Lab
5 participants from AAD / textile design, and costume design for performing arts
5 participants from Muu Artist’s Association

with Oodi, deadline 12.9.2011

Course schedule

19.9. 13-17 (Arduino basics, optional)
20.9 9-15 (Arduino basics, optional)
21.9 9-15 (Arduino basics, optional)

26.9. 9-12
27.9. 13-18
28.9. 13-18

24.10. 9-15
25.10. 9-15
26.10. 9-15
27.10. 9-15
28.10. 9-15

31.10. 9-12
1.11. 9-12 (own work 12-15)
2.11. 9-12 (own work 12-15)
3.11. 9-12 (own work 12-15)

14.11. 9-12 (own work 12-15)
15.11. 9-12 (own work 12-15)
16.11. 9-12 (own work 12-15)

21.11. 9-12 (tutoring)
23.11. 9-12 (tutoring)
25.11. 9-12 (tutoring)
30.11. 9-12 (tutoring)
1.12. 9-12 (tutoring)
2.12. 9-12 (tutoring)

5.12. 9-19 Final presentation in Muu Gallery