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ALLI SAVOLAINEN “Portraits of Cities – installation” 14.1. – 6.2.2011

Picture: Alli Savolainen, still from the video “Serial Story”

Alli Savolainen (b. 1963) works with photography, painting and video. She graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts in Lahti in 1989. She has participated in exhibitions since 1986, and her video works have been screened in numerous film festi-vals and art events.

The exhibition comprises videos and paintings. The six-channel video installation is made of sequential still photographs taken with a digital pocket camera in six cities in Europe. The one-channel video shows selected sequences from the same cities. The series of paintings on acrylic feature the painter’s palette as their subject.


Picture: Alli Savolainen, still from the video “Serial Story”

The exhibition is a procession a composition of encountered camera images fictitious palettes with colours about sensations of city images and a selected sample from a video diary of everyday situations in urbanity

a small selected sample about where I went and what I saw

different levels of experience
seeing, feeling, thinking
can be a colour, a sound, a passing person, a sentence in a poem
remembering and connecting

the materials of the works are still photos, video footage and painted memories from six different cities in Europe 2007–2009
the time spent in them varying from a week to two months.

Berlin, rented flat, 4 weeks 2007
London, cheap hotel, 9 days 2008
Prague, Arts Council of Helsinki Metropolitan Region residency, 4 weeks 2008
Frankfurt, boarding house, 8 days 2009
Zurich, family accommodation, 7 days 2009
Paris, Cité des Arts residency, 7 weeks 2009

yellow or blue is an opportunity
sunset the beginning of night
the entrance to the metro a path
when church bells are ringing in a strange city I feel part of the continuum
in the history of humanity
small but existing right now

dweller house village city earth universe

a dog barks somewhere near and far at the same time
birds fly along the spring, along the winter

Alli Savolainen


Picture: Alli Savolainen, still from the video “Serial Story”


AVEK, Heidi Tikka
Foiltek Oy, Veikko Ellilä


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