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Artists' Association MUU » MUU on the Catwalk – Mariehamn, Finland November 27, 2010
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MUU on the Catwalk – Mariehamn, Finland November 27, 2010


Art Video Screening is a single-channel screening event and platform that showcases new, compelling, innovative and contemporary videoart/moving image from Swedish and international artists who are pushing the elements of videopractice. Art Video Screening showcases screening programmes consisting of a number of short works which are not based on themes. Art Video Screening is an artist-run and non-profit initiative run by Jonas Nilsson and Eva Olsson, which is the only event of its kind in Sweden. It started in 2005 and is today having its screenings at Bio Roxy, Örebro. The event is also collaborating with other art organizers and institutions from Sweden and adroad. Art Video Screening is the initiator and head coordinator of Örebro International Videoart Festival, the first edition of the festival took place in 2008. The main concept for the festival is to invite curators from different events/festivals from around the world to put together screening programmes.





at 17.00: Art Video Screening A Selection of International Video Art

Curator Jonas Nilsson & Eva Ohlsson

‘Digital sculler’ Lukas Matejka, Slovakia

‘White’ Lin Fangsuo, China

‘Dream’ Anna Sieradzka-Kubacka, Poland

‘Made up’ Owen Eric Wood, Canada

‘Terminal Communications’ Michael Fortune, Irland

‘Front’ Johanna Reich, Germany

‘The Trip To America’ Björn Perborg, Sweden

‘The Labyrinth’ Eva Olsson, Sweden

‘Girl’ Nina Lassila, Sweden

‘Frasse and I’ Elin Bruun-Nystedt, Sweden

‘A/V Sketch #3’ Nicolas Ramel, France

‘The choice’ Jonas Nilsson, Sweden

‘Putting yourself out there’ Clint Enns, Canada

‘Guardian Angel’ Lora Dimova, Bulgaria

Total duration of screening 60 minutes.


at 18.15: WHO WHO Performance

Helinä Hukkataival

Soile Iivonen

Sinikka Törmälä

Presented at the Triennale of Expanded Artistic Media / Action-Live Performance in Belgrad 1.9.2010.

Duration 20 min.


at 18.45: MUU on the Catwalk Screening A Selection of Finnish Video Art

Screening Curators Hannele Romppanen and Timo Soppela
Presented at Waterpieces festival, Riga, Latvia, September 2010.

MUU on the Catwalk presents a selection of video works by members of the Artists’ Association MUU. Video is the most prominent aspect of the field of experimental artforms on the new boundaries of visual art that has emerged around the MUU association. The nine very different Finnish artists featured are united by the medium of the moving image and an interest in humanity. The artists are Jarno Harakkamäki, Juan Kasari, Juhani Koivumäki, Juha Mäki-Jussila, Hanna Ojamo, Olga Palomäki, Pauliina Salminen, Mailis Saralehto Rekola and Outi Sunila.

‘Making Something Out Of Nothing’ Jarno Harakkamäki

‘Giving People the Run Around Helsinki’ Juan Kasari

‘Sin’ Juhani Koivumäki

‘The Well’ Juha Mäki-Jussila

‘Rush’ Hanna Ojamo

‘Distortions’ Olga Palomäki

‘8 Crossings’ Pauliina Salminen

‘Le Podium – Deconstructing the Catwalk’ Mailis Saralehto Rekola

‘Labyrinth’ Outi Sunila

Total duration of the screening 40 min.

Produced by Artists’ Association MUU, Finland.
In co-operation with Culture & Arts Project NOASS, Latvia.


Galleri Kakelhallen
Köpmansgatan 11
22100 Mariehamn


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