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Artists' Association MUU » Ki wa: The Infinite Number of Artworks 23.11.-5.12.2010
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Ki wa: The Infinite Number of Artworks 23.11.-5.12.2010

Kiasma Mediatheque

Wickedly dry humor of textual operations, manipulation of communication errors, partial erasure of maps and operation diagrams, blind following of logics of text leading to meta-meanings and blanks are the main notions at operation in my work. Processual part of the work is crudely focusing on the paradoxical feeling of ‘when making something leads to nothing and making nothing leads to something‘ although the processes are systematically carried through to their
alogical conclusions.

Mannerheiminaukio 2, 00100 Helsinki
Tickets 8e/6e. Under 18 year-olds free.
Free admission on the first Wednesday of the month at 5-8 pm.

Ki wa (also KIWA, ki´wa, Kiwanoid) is a conceptual artist-persona, a multichannel meta-artist, blending the meaning of authorship on different levels. His art poses the basic questions about the established hierarchies of meaning. It has been described by others as ‘anarcho-pop‘ and ‘metaphysical conceptualism‘. Ki Wa has published three books and a compilation of Estonian experimental literature. He started experimenting with sound in the late 80s, and was involved in some of the fastest punk bands in the 90’s before moving into the domain of electronic sound. Ki wa has been organizing the noise/sound-art platform metabor and founded The Festival of Non-Existent bands.

Recent appearances include: NU Performance Festival and Kumu Art Museum (Estonia); Black Leather club and Manizales Theatre Festival (Colombia); Henie Onstad (Norway); The Kitchen, Yvon Lambert Gallery and Renaissance Society (USA); Tate Modern and Milch Gallery (UK).

Ki wa’s installation coincides with a release of a MUU FOR EARS 5-6, a double CD of Baltic and Russian sounds. You can listen to them outside Mediatheque and purchase the all 6 CD releases at Kiasma shop. MUU FOR EARS is part of MUU’s Sound Art project Audio Autographs. www.muu.fi/sound

Production: Artists’ Association MUU & Äänen Lumo
Production co-ordination by Kimmo Modig, coding by Teemu Korpipää, recorded by James Andean, translated to Finnish by Heidi Lind. Äänen Lumo organization promotes and produces art with a voice: exhibitions, concerts, commissioned works, international promoting, workshops and the like. www.aanenlumo.fi

Florian Hecker’s Synchrophones are available for audience use in Kiasma museum until 2 Jan 2011. Additionally, Bob Levene’s installation Past Signal will premiere in Kiasma’s mediatheque on December 7th. The Äänen Lumo festival is being organised for the first time in 2010. Currently we are in the process of planning an unorthodox concert series for 2011.

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