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Artists' Association MUU » MUU Monday November 22, 2010 at 6 pm IMAGINARY PLAYGROUND #5
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MUU Monday November 22, 2010 at 6 pm IMAGINARY PLAYGROUND #5


Imaginary Playground is a platform with changing participants and is envisioned as a site to develop collective and individual ideas about performance. Our continuous question is how can we as a group perform together whilst creating separate images? We are interested in exploring collaboration as a coming together of individual actions and images with moments of intersection producing unpredictable results. In the shared space of Imaginary Playground we bring our visual, bodily and conceptual imaginings together.

Imaginary Playground consists of performance artists who have contrasting artistic and cultural backgrounds. This time the Imaginary Playground performers are: Katariina Mylläri, Ilka Theurich, Varpu Lukka, Tuuli Tubin, Aino-Marjatta Mäki, Suva, Christina Georgiou, and Sari TM Kivinen.

Suva (India): He has interest in community art, shamanism and ritual within performance. His works combine sculpture and performance art in public places. The combination of collection, connection, intervention, interaction, elements of ritualistic approach, organic and anthropomorphic interest all combines as content in his installations and performances.

Christina Georgiou (Cyprus): Georgiou’s performative practice focuses on the revealing moments of the self and the body as a transformable subject during its encounter with the environment and vice versa. Georgiou’s practice encompasses elements of Performance art, Live art, Visual art and Vocal art. christinageorgiou.blogspot.com/

Sari TM Kivinen (Australia/ Finland): Kivinen enjoys writing poetry whilst working predominately as an artist and project coordinator. Her favourite food is baked kumera. She is a role. sari.net.au

Katariina Mylläri (Finland): Mylläri is an interdisciplinary artist working with video and performance art. She is interested in visual actions, which mix up the fixed setting of hierarchy and normative behavior. She exploits archetypes and uses appearance as a manipulative mechanism. Her main interest is in play and confusion, which she performs by contesting social norms, roles and presumptions.

Ilka Theurich (Germany): Theurich’s interest in space and site-specific action stems from her MfA studies of Sound Art in Germany and Japan. She takes the tradition of site-specific art as a point of departure, while addressing social, political and cultural conditions of a site. She creates places for negotiation of diverse cultural, physical, and emotional knowledge’s like the modern speed dating for singles vs. deep encounter in a poetic sense. By artistic interventions into social contexts and performances, she aims to provoke passers by to behave and experience a particular social practice, bringing about a re-evaluation of notions of corporeality and public sphere. ilkatheurich.blogspot.com/

Tuuli Tubin (Estonia): Tubin’s main interests lie in researching space in theory and practice, through the themes of ordering and memorizing of space; material and non-material presence in space; images in/of space; body giving meaning to space via actions and images created by the body.

Aino-Marjatta Mäki (Finland): is a master student of Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. Her previous work has dealt with questions of identity. She has been interested of the manner human defines one self in turmoil of many images and performative roles one has of oneself. In her recent work Mäki has focused in human vulnerability studying it through bodily gestures.

Varpu Lukka (Finland): has been interested about the existence, what kind human beings we are. Ans, more important, what kind of human beings we could bee.

Christina Georgiou (Cyprus)
Sari TM Kivinen (Australia/ Finland)
Varpu Lukka (Finland)
Katariina Mylläri (Finland)
Aino-Marjatta Mäki (Finland)
Suva (India)
Ilka Theurich (Germany)
Tuuli Tubin (Estonia)

Host of the performance evening performance artist Varpu Lukka.

In co-operation with Theater Academy Helsinki / Live Art & Performance Studies.



Pictures from the event