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Artists' Association MUU » ONE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY-THREE 29 October – 21 November 2010
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Maria Duncker, Gun Holmström, Antti Laitinen, Marko Lampisuo, Mailis Saralehto Rekola, Thom Vink

Picture: Thom Vink: Curtain 2009, video

Picture: Thom Vink: Curtain 2009, video

Videos about hymns, trips to desert islands, shamanistic natural phenomena. Images within images, changing lights, spaces and meanings. ONE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY-THREE is a show consisting of work by six artist members of MUU, all new works from the MUU collections.

The selection of works for the show was made by members of the MUU Exhibition Committee Hanne Ivars, Duncan Butt Juvonen, Varpu Lukka and Timo Soppela.

When Maria Duncker was teaching herself to play the harmonium ten years ago by freely improvising on it, what came out was hymns. This was also how the work Tienvirsi came about. Duncker’s other art projects she has worked on for long periods of time include multinational costumes made of plastic bags and experiments with a pinhole camera.

Gun Holmström’s Purge 1 & 2 are based on images of reflections on the water in the canals in Berlin, recorded in spring 2009. Alluding to the omnipresent knowledge and spirituality of nature, the works were inspired by shamanistic rituals in the Amazon, where Holmström has worked for the past three years. Purge – the purification of body, heart and spirit, is an essential process.

In his performative video piece, Voyage, Antti Laitinen rows a palm island – a man on an endless voyage. The latest stopovers in Laitinen’s journey have included exhibitions in Athens, Copenhagen, London, Beijing as well as São Paulo.

In Summer Night at Lake Tarhia by Marko Lampisuo, a scene of a lake in the summer night keeps repeating on a television monitor, as an image within an image. Gradually the original scene disappears, changing into a new image pulsing with blue light.

Le Podium – deconstructing the catwalk by Mailis Saralehto Rekola combines decadence and transgression with the visual idiom of the catwalk. The central thematic of the piece is the continuous movement in fashion itself.

Thom Vink presents two videos, Name Dropping and Curtain. In Name Dropping, a strange array of cryptic names follow each other in a random procession. At no point in the video is it revealed that these odd name combinations are in fact the names of racing horses. The peculiar names take us into another world, where words lose their original meaning. Curtain is a 24-hour stop-frame animation of a curtain in a small apartment in Tokyo. As evening falls, the curtain gradually darkens. The collecting darkness enhances the folds and patterns in the green fabric, suggesting the form of an imaginary forest.

Video is the most prominent aspect of the field of alternative artforms that have emerged around the MUU association in response to the new frontier of experimental visual art. The works in this exhibition represent a cross section of new, topical Finnish video art. One thousand seven hundred and sixty-three seconds – eight video works viewed as a compilation or singly, as you prefer – enjoy.


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