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Artists' Association MUU » SARI PALOSAARI: MODULAR MASH-UP 2.10-24.10.2010
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(mash up = remix, mix – mixing two or more borrowed elements to make something new)

The exhibition is a journey from modern everyday life to lost cities of the imagination.

Modular Mash-up is an ongoing project consisting of modular sculptural installations and associated moving image works. Within the physical and inclusive architectural space you can occasionally focus your gaze on scale models in the moving image works.

The architectural landscape of the exhibition grows from the standards of the interior spaces to city-like structures. The structures range from the functional to the futuristic, from geometric to the organic. On a wider perspective the works allude to issues of the increasingly homogeneous and standardising environment that is the legacy of industrialisation and modernism. Alongside an investigative and even critical perspective, the works also seek to fi nd a poetic contact to the topic.

Borrowing from jazz terminology, the artistic method used in the show could be called an interpretation of standards. The materials of the works are mass-produced furniching elements, such as Ikea’s Lack tables and laminate shelving units typically installed in apartments and removed in renovation projects. Components of these elements are used to construct new modules that are then joined using standard and supermagnet fastening techniques. The modules are assembled in a way that makes use of and develops the construction methods of the original material. The method is also intended to serve as an allegory to modern prefabricated construction.

The production of the show has generously been supported by:
The Finnish Cultural Foundation
Uusimaa Regional Fund
the Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture AVEK / Heidi Tikka
the Arts Council of Finland

Thanks are also due to the Raimo Utriainen Foundation, whose prize awarded in late 2008 provided the inspiration as well resources for the project.

More information:
MUU galleria / Timo Soppela, director@muu.fi, +358-9-625 972, http://www.muu.fi

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MUU in collaboration with:
Pro AV