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MUU FOR EARS 4 is the fourth part of series of MUU’s Sound Art Publications. It is a collection of soundtracks which were originally produced for Finnish video works. This is the first time ever video soundtracks are published as a CD Collection in Finland.

MUU FOR EARS 4 is an imaginative compilation of 13 different soundscapes, featuring soundtracks by 12 sound artists/composers from Finland and Sweden. The artists are (in the order sound artist / video artist): Pauli Apollo Ahopelto / Risto-Pekka Blom & Jouni Piiroinen, Janne Jankeri / Minna Parkkinen, Taito Kantomaa / Marko Lampisuo, Juan Kasari / Juan Kasari, Aleksi Keränen / Mailis Saralehto Rekola, Petri Kuljuntausta / Jaana Puhakka, Sebastian Lindberg / Sebastian Lindberg, Jakob Norgren / Pasi Autio, Sami Pennanen / Sami Pennanen, Jukka Rintamäki / Markus Åström, Heidi Saramäki / Heidi Saramäki and Jussi Österman / Tuomo Kangasmaa.

Please watch these videos with your ears.

The aim of MUU is to increase the collaboration and interchange of artists working within different fields of art, such as sound and music, video, media art and performance. The compilation CD was released at Art Fair Suomi 2010 at the Cable Factory in Helsinki, August-September 2010. The publication of MUU FOR EARS is part of MUU’s Audio Autographs project featuring international sound art events, workshops, publications, artist talks and lectures, and also a Net Radio at www.muu.fi/sound

Audio Autographs is supported by:
Nordic Culture Point http://www.kknord.org
Arts Council of Finland http://www.taiteenkeskustoimikunta.fi
AVEK The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture http://www.kopiosto.fi/avek

The first, limited edition of 300 will be sold at euro 15 (postage included).

Order your copy from:

On sale at:
MUU gallery, Lönnrotinkatu 33, 00180 Helsinki, Finland, +358-9-625 972

Other publications are also available:
MUU FOR EARS 1 (published 9/2009) – Finnish Sound Art. Price: 10 euro
MUU FOR EARS 2 (published 2/2010) – Nordic Sound Art. Price: 15 euro
MUU FOR EARS 3 (published 6/2010) – International Sound Art. Price: 15 euro
MUU FOR EARS 4 (published 8/2010) – Soundtracks for video artworks. Price: 15 euro
MUU FOR EARS 7 (published 2/2011) – Experimental music scenes in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. Price: 20 euro
For additional information, please visit http://www.muu.fi/sound



1. Jakob Norgren – Soittorasia / Music Box, 2:46. Video by Pasi Autio.
2. Juan Kasari – Gated Community 3, 5:29. Video by Juan Kasari.
3. Aleksi Keränen – Deconstruction, 3:03. Video by Mailis Saralehto Rekola.
4. Pauli Apollo Ahopelto – Lepo! 4:06. Video by Risto-Pekka Blom & Jouni Piiroinen.
5. Heidi Saramäki – Once upon a Time… 1:04. Video by Heidi Saramäki.
6. Petri Kuljuntausta – Vesikaupunkeja / Water Cities, 5:02. Video by Jaana Puhakka.
7. Taito Kantomaa – Aircraft Blast, 1:28. Video by Marko Lampisuo.
8. Janne Jankeri – Grey, 3:57. Video by Minna Parkkinen.
9. Jussi Österman – Tärkein paikka / The Most Important Place, 2:13. Video by Tuomo Kangasmaa.
10. Jukka Rintamäki – Now There is only Heaven, 3:35. Video by Markus Åström.
11. Sebastian Lindberg – Platform, 4:16. Video by Sebastian Lindberg.
12. Pauli Apollo Ahopelto – The End (R.I.P) Ufo Charter, 6:04. Video by Pauli Apollo Ahopelto.
13. Sami Pennanen – Landscape no:2, 4:19. Video by Sami Pennanen.

CD production by Rita Leppiniemi and Timo Soppela / Artists’ Association MUU.
Mastering by Petri Kuljuntausta.


1. Soittorasia / Music box, 2:46.
Title of the video: Soittorasia / Music box (2009) Composer / sound design: Jakob Norgren
Author of the video: Pasi Autio Lyrics: Pasi Autio Voice: Ive Riihimäki
A woman speaks and sings aloud the names of objects which are visible in the picture. She does not appear in the picture, although the viewer sees a 360-degree view of the room. These pronounced and sung words formulate the music in the video.

Jakob Norgren is a musician, composer and music producer living in Stockholm. In 2006 he graduated from the Royal College of Music, Stockholm, with jazz saxophone and composing as his main subjects. He has released three albums with his orchestra Big Band Splash, in the field of jazz, soul and electronica. Pasi Autio is an artist and a photographer who lives and works in Helsinki. He works with video, photography and sound. He graduated from the University of Art and Design Helsinki in 2007. His works have been shown in solo exhibitions and in several group exhibitions in Finland and abroad.

2. Gated Community 3, 5:29.
Title of the video: Gated Community (2009) Sound design and author of the video: Juan Kasari
Voices: Maria G Ocanto, Vivanne Vaughn-Levine, Miikka Kiema (recorded by Tero Savela)
Gated Community is a project done for a show in Helsinki. The text in the video is based on many interviews about the realities that people living in gated communities are facing today. In the end of video the voices are mixed together to create a eerie feeling, between reality and fiction.

Juan Kasari is known for his idiosyncratic and eccentric pictorial language. He moves between different media, from mixed media paintings to sound works to photography and video, sometimes fusing them all in installations that create the illusion of a separate world.

3. Deconstruction, 3:03.
Title of the video: Le Podium – Deconstructing the Catwalk (2010)
Sound design: Aleksi Keränen Author of the video: Mailis Saralehto Rekola
An old factory is haunted by the victims of fashion industry. Le Podium – Deconstructing the Catwalk is about beauty, decay and death. The short film combines decadence, transgression and the form of the catwalk, deconstructing them all through Jacques Derrida’s concept of différance.

Aleksi Keränen studies media production at the Aalto University School of Art and Design Helsinki (CBM studies). He works in various fields of music, and he also plays bass guitar in the Finnish band Bloodpit. Mailis Saralehto Rekola has a BA in fine arts and a MA degree in media studies from the Aalto University School of Art and Design Helsinki. She works in various fields of media installation art. Her art has been presented in Germany, Sweden, Scotland and Finland.

4. Lepo! 4:06.
Title of the video: Asento / Attention (2010) Sound design: Pauli Apollo Ahopelto
Author of the video: Risto-Pekka Blom, Jouni Piiroinen
A short film about men among traffic lights. The soundtrack was created by collecting different tracks based on material from movies.

Risto-Pekka Blom graduated in 2005 from the Art and Media specialisation at TAMK University of Applied Science in Tampere. Jouni Piirainen is a freelance writer. Both are active in the artists’ organisation Profilis in Tampere. Pauli Apollo Ahopelto is a media and sound artist living and working in Helsinki. He is currently working on a project called ‘BlindMovie’, based on films and folk music. In this project there are no images or text, only the moods created by music and sounds in movies.

5. Once Upon a Time… 1:04.
Title of the video: Once Upon a Time… (2009) Sound design and author of the video: Heidi Saramäki
Once upon a time… is a one-minute animated visual poem. The film weaves a vivid network of myths, stories and tales from different cultures. Through metamorphosis and metaphors it builds up into an absurd, associative cascade. Most of the sounds are made by human voices.

Heidi Saramäki has studied at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki since 2007. She works mainly with moving images and photography. Her works are usually formed in interaction with participants. Interaction is based on collaboration with the site, individuals or communities.

6. Vesikaupunkeja (katkelma) / Water Cities (extract), 5:02.
Title of the video: Vesikaupunkeja / Water Cities (2009)
Sound design: Petri Kuljuntausta Author of the video: Jaana Puhakka
The film studies the constructed cityscape from an emotional standpoint and with the help of archive material, offering a visual trip back in time into Finnish cities and towns. The relationship between sound and the moving picture is a close one, and the editing is partly done to music. In some sections the sound creates atmospheres for the moving images and visual sceneries, on the other hand, there are sections where the sound comes to the foreground, close to the viewer/listener, where it has intensive role in building tensions with the picture.

Jaana Puhakka is a film director and a film worker living in Porvoo, Finland. She has directed ten documentaries. ‘Water Cities’ received the 1st prize at the Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival in Turkey in October 2009. Puhakka teaches documentary film making at the Aalto University. Petri Kuljuntausta is a composer, musician, sound artist and the author of three books on electronic music and sound art. He has composed digital music for experimental films, video art, visual art and dance projects, and has made media and sound installations for museums, galleries and concert halls.

7. Aircraft Blast, 1:28.
Title of the video: Aircraft Blast (2006) Sound design: Taito Kantomaa
Author of the video: Marko Lampisuo
Aircraft Blast is a tragedy of the criticism of flying. It is a small-scale catastrophe movie about a dramatic aircraft incident at the airport of Skiathos in Greece. In the video, a passenger plane turns its tail towards the cameraman, who gets totally surprised by the power and heat of the aircraft blast.

Taito Kantomaa has a Master’s degree in philosophy and he has studied sound design at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences and the University of Lapland. He is currently working at the theatre in Rovaniemi, and he also cooperates with varying partners especially in the North of Finland. Marko Lampisuo works with video, printmaking and performances with his rock band Utu. His work is characterised by dismal humour, environmental issues and memoirs. He has studied at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences. He lives and works in Pori, Finland.

8. Grey, 3:57.
Title of the video: Grey (2004) Sound design: Janne Jankeri Author of the video: Minna Parkkinen
Musician: Toivo-Juhani Kokko (flute)
Grey is about a close person’s death in an accident, it is about sorrow and how to survive the grief. Grey depicts the time after the shock. The person is still in a sort of vacuum, from where she has to begin to build a new life and live with what has happened.

Janne Jankeri graduated from the Lahti University of Applied Sciences where he studied sound design. He has worked as a sound designer in several television, movie, documentary and experimental short film productions. Minna Parkkinen has studied both visual art and film making. She works with video, painting and photography and also in television and film productions. Her experimental films have been screened at several festivals.

9. Tärkein Paikka / The Most Important Place, 2:13.
Title of the video: Tärkein Paikka / The Most Important Place (2009)
Sound design: Jussi Österman. Author of the video: Tuomo Kangasmaa
There is a furniture store next to the nesting area of migratory birds. Looking from the furniture store, one does not necessarily come to think about what might lie behind the building. The video was shot in the delta of the Torneå River where Ikea built a store in 2006. The digitally manipulated sounds were recorded on site.

Jussi Österman studies at the Theatre Academy of Finland in the Department of Lightning and Sound Design. He works with sound design in theatre, performance, installation and animation, and he also composes electronic music. Tuomo Kangasmaa lives and works in Oulu. He has studied at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences and at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Arnhem in the Netherlands. He mainly works with video and media art installations.

10. Now There is Only Heaven, 3:35.
Title of the video: Now There is Only Heaven (2007) Sound design: Jukka Rintamäki
Author of the video: Markus Åström Musicians: Leo Svensson, Jukka Rintamäki
As Dreidel enters the ground where ideas take form she can make the world a better place. Out on the northern ice she makes a discovery that will change the beliefs and hopes of mankind. Hell is eliminated and now there is only a heaven.

Jukka Rintamäki is a composer and musician living in Stockholm. He has studied musicology and philosophy in Gothenburg. Since 2004 he has worked as a composer, writing, playing and recording music for various projects including films, contemporary dance, art and television. Markus Åström graduated from the Turku Polytechnic, Department of Fine Arts in 2000. He works with sculpture, installation, video and photography. His works have been shown in solo exhibitions and in several group exhibitions.

11. Platform, 4:16.
Title of the video: Platform (2008) Sound design and author of the video: Sebastian Lindberg
In the video Platform the camera moves through an Ikea store – a familiar landscape – which is more or less the same all around the world. The material in this video was filmed in Hong Kong. At even intervals the video cuts to a Buddhist temple. The camera travels up the stairs of the temple, but always returns to Ikea, until we enter the temple again. The soundtrack samples parts of a traditional religious song.

Sebastian Lindberg graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Art in Helsinki in 2008. He works primarily with the moving image, making both installations and works that border on – or are – narrative short films.

12. The End (R.I.P) Ufo Charter, 6:04.
Title of the video: Sokkoleffa 1 / Blind Movie 1 (2008-2010)
Sound design and author of the video: Pauli Apollo Ahopelto
Blind Movie 1 is built from various soundscapes and movie soundtracks. The main aim is to focus on the feeling in movies created by sound.

13. Landscape no:2
, 4:19.
Title of the video: Landscapes no:2 (2005 (edited in 2009)
Sound design and author of the video: Sami Pennanen
Musicians: Sami Pennanen’s one-man band moniker ‘ Unidentified Sound Objects’
The video searches for a common rpm for music and a rotating landscape stolen from the side of a 1950s cookie jar. The sound is composed of speed variations and loops.

Sami Pennanen is a visual artist whose background is in the 1980s graffiti community. After studying art, he has now returned to borrow motifs from the imagery of graffiti. Since 1996 he has produced music with his one-man band ‘Unidentified Sound Objects’.


Other publications are also available:
MUU FOR EARS 1 (published 9/2009) – Finnish Sound Art. Price: 10 euro
MUU FOR EARS 2 (published 2/2010) – Nordic Sound Art. Price: 15 euro
MUU FOR EARS 3 (published 6/2010) – International Sound Art. Price: 15 euro
MUU FOR EARS 4 (published 8/2010) – Soundtracks for video artworks. Price: 15 euro
MUU FOR EARS 5-6 (julkaistu 8/2010) – Experimental music scenes in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. 20 euro
MUU FOR EARS 7 (published 2/2011) – New Sound Art and Music from Finland and Sweden


For additional information, please visit http://www.muu.fi/sound


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