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Artists' Association MUU » ANNETTE ARLANDER: YEAR OF THE OX 3.9. – 26.9.2010
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The video works in the exhibition were performed and video filmed during the year of the ox 2009, on Harakka Island off Helsinki or in tourist resorts around the world. In all places I have used a rust coloured scarf for finding connections to various landscapes. On Harakka Island I returned once a week to sites related to the military past of the place. I am riding a rusty buoy on the hill, walking in circles tied to an iron ring on the cliff and squatting in a niche in the wall.

I have played with the idea of riding an ox, walking in a yoke like an ox, the site-specific taken literally as a kind of destiny. The main purpose is to bring attention to changes in the landscape due to shifting seasons, weather and climate; and thus also to demonstrate time, to show the passage of time. The works can also be linked to traditional Ox-herding pictures, aids in finding one self, though here the emphasis is less on spiritual practice than on experiencing the physical environment.

These works are part of a series of yearly projects started in 2002. It is based on the Chinese calendar and its cycle of twelve years with each year named after a specific animal. Each year I have looked for a new perspective on the landscape, a new aspect of the environment and a new kind of relationship between the human body and the place. My working method utilises the traditions of performance art and video art and moves in the border zone between them.

Annette Arlander (born 1956) is an artist, researcher and a pedagogue. She is one of the pioneers of Finnish performance art and belongs to the trail blazers of artistic research. Arlander is educated as theatre director, Master of Arts (philosophy) and Doctor of Art (theatre and drama). She is professor in performance art and theory at Theatre Academy, Helsinki. Arlander’s art work is focused on performing landscape by means of video or recorded voice.

Thank you:
Harakka ry
Theatre Academy
Stina Krook Foundation

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MUU galleria / Timo Soppela, director@muu.fi, +358-9-625 972, www.muu.fi