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Artists' Association MUU » TUOMO KANGASMAA: “SUPER FUN” 6.8.-29.8.2010
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The three-part series in the exhibition examines the similarity between life and film. Both have their limitations. The number of our days dwindles inexorably and valuable film runs at a hopeless rate through the cine camera. Something should remain to show for it, or should it?

SUPER-8 is a projected 8mm film loop that the viewer can start for 30 seconds at a time by pressing a switch next to the film projector. The unique film shows a small boy running in place while an old man is crossing the street. With every viewing, the image on the film gradually fades and ultimately disappears.

SUPER FUN is a pastiche about the magic of making home movies. Directed on 8mm film, the cinematic fragment is digitised and flavoured with country music recorded in the living room. The work describes the filmmaker’s moments of happiness with a near person. The drama arises from the intimacy of the footage. The animated dog introduces an element of unfulfilled hopes and longing to the work.

The picture series entitled BLONDE presents a mould and a formula for fidelity, friendship and obligation, one which takes the form of a dog in a modern picture frame. Created with 3D software, the dog in the pictures is the same one as the animated pet in Super Fun.

Supported by:
The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture AVEK
City of Oulu

Tuomo Kangasmaa: Blonde (detail)

Tuomo Kangasmaa: Blonde (detail)