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Artists' Association MUU » 4.6. – 24.6.2010 Gegenliebe – Returned love
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4.6. – 24.6.2010 Gegenliebe – Returned love


Gegenliebe – Returned Love is an exhibition of the artist house FRISE, Hamburg, Germany. Featuring light works, video performances, drawings, paintings, installations, virtual worlds and concept art, the exhibition presents an interesting selection of eight artists from the FRISE cooperative: Emine Sahinaz Akalın, Torsten P. Bruch, Ole Henrik Hagen, Hinrich Gross, Christian F. Kintz, Sabine Mohr, Sylvia Schultes and Chrisdian Wittenburg.

The exhibition is a result of artist exchange between two organisations, MUU and FRISE. In summer 2009, Constructed Realities, an exhibition of Finnish artists by MUU, was shown in Gallery FRISE in connection with the Altonale Festival.

This cooperation now continues. In summer 2010 MUU will organise sonic art events in Hamburg, and in summer 2011 Hamburg will serve as one of the venues of MUU’s international Performance2011 festival.

The German word Gegenliebe means returned or reciprocated love. It implies being open to the opposite, to interaction, sensations and connection. All artists react from their personal viewpoint – the works can consist of reflections on a country, a place or society at large. Answers are sought for and discovered both in the sphere of art and of the personal.

In addition to the MUU gallery, the exhibition will also be seen at other venues. Hippolyte Studio will present video works by Torsten P. Bruch. The artwork of Chrisdian Wittenburg “Second Life avatar ELAY Egoyan” will be presented in Sin City shop, Kalevankatu street.

Gallery Kioski, run by the Finnish Threshold Association, a disability organisation, will present a show by the Japanese artist Nobuko Watabiki, created as a result of the MUU–FRISE cooperation. Watabiki is a residency artist at Künstlerhaus FRISE.

FRISE – Künstlerhaus Hamburg e.V.
The artist house FRISE has been in existence since 2003. It emerged out of Künstlerhaus Hamburg at Weidenallee, which was founded in 1977. It was the first one of its kind in Hamburg. In 2008, the artists also launched the first artist cooperative in Hamburg. FRISE eG is located in the district of Altona, and it has bought the house from the City of Hamburg. About 40 artists live and work in this artist-managed building, which also has a guest studio for international exchange artists. The FRISE Gallery presents 12 to 16 artist shows a year.


The exhibition is supported by:
Behörde für Kultur, Sport und Medien, Hamburg / Ministry of Culture, Sports and Media, Hamburg, Germany
Goethe-Institut, Helsinki, www.goethe.de

In cooperation with:
Finnlines, www.finnlines.com
Künstlerhaus FRISE, Hamburg
Artists’ Association MUU
Consulate General of Finland, Hamburg

Torsten P. Bruch, 4.6.-2.7., Hippolyte Studio, Kalevankatu 18 B, 00100 Helsinki, tue – fri 12pm – 5pm, sat – sun 12pm – 16pm.

Chrisdian Wittenburg, 4.-24.6., Sin City, Kalevankatu 26, 00100 Helsinki, mon – fri 11am – 7pm, sat 11am – 4pm.

Nobuko Watabiki, 4.-24.6., Galleria Kioski, Siltasaarenkatu 4, 00530 Helsinki, mon – fri 12am – 4pm.