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Artists' Association MUU » 16.03.2010 Charlie Morrow: Early and Recent Piano Music
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16.03.2010 Charlie Morrow: Early and Recent Piano Music


Charlie Morrow – Composer, Sound Artist

“One of the leading figures in the New York Avant-Guarde.”
John Rockwell. New York Times

“Charlie Morrow is a pioneering sound artist, performer and composer whose works are concerned with the new and the old, technologies and shamanisms. Audio-based art has recently appeared on the scene again thanks to a myriad of institutions both in New York and abroad. As a result, a new crop of younger sound artists have emerged, yet they owe their artistic thanks to trailblazers such as Charlie Morrow who has impeccable experimental credentials and pedigree. His entrance into a sound art came after his exploration in the visual performance arts, which was preceded by his training as a composer.”
Raul Zamudio Tayler

Ilmo Ranta – Pianist

Ilmo Ranta gave his debut concert in 1985. He has since given numerous solo recitals and has performed as soloist with the most important orchestras in Finland. Ranta has a strong reputation as a versatile chamber musician both in Finland and abroad. He is recognised as a first-class Finnish Lied pianist, who has regularly performed with singers such as Karita Mattila, Monica Groop, Jorma Hynninen and Petteri Salomaa . Ranta has also made several recordings with singers for BIS and Ondine among other labels.


Requiem for the Victims of Kent State for Solo Piano (1970)
This work commemorates the May 4 massacre or Kent State massacre which took place in 1970 at Kent State University in the city of Kent, Ohio USA. Members of the Ohio National Guard opened fire on unarmed college students protesting the war in Vietnam.

Requim for the Victims of Kent State is built entirely on repeating two-note full cadences, and flows into a sonic treatment of the chorale melody O Haupt Voll Blut und Wunden, its last note sounds like a gunshot.

Soundpiece for Rock Amplified Piano (1968)
The Soundpiece is a very loud dramatic virtuoso keyboard work that combines post-expressionism with noise. The piano sound is captured both by microphones and vibration transducers and then amplified through a Fender Twin Reverb guitar amplifier using foot pedal effects: wa-wa, tremolo, reverb, fuzz. Acoustic feedback is used at diverse sound levels via the Twin Reverb amp and with the concert hall sound system.

The Soundpiece is inspired by Jimi Hendrix and dedicated to The Rascals.

Mozart Reconstructions: Sonatas K331, 332 (1992 and 2009)

In 1992, Morrow recorded performances of several Mozart’s sonatas and reconstructed them in midi, using techniques from convertible counterpoints. For Ilmo Ranta in 2009, Morrow has transcribed the midi reconstruction to piano notation and spatialized it for performance in MorrowSound® True 3D, which has a strong vertical motion. The new work is expanded from the MIDI Reconstruction to move in a 3D sound space.

Jone Ullakko manipulates the piano sound spatially and triggers 3D atmospheres to create a changing setting for the Mozart Reconstructions.

All music is published and ©Other Media (ASCAP) New York
All recordings ℗Other Media New York

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