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Artists' Association MUU » PERFORMANCE 2011 – International Performance Art Festival
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PERFORMANCE 2011 – International Performance Art Festival

27.-29.5.2011 Turku, Finland

Experience performance art both intentionally and by accident – indoors, outdoors as well as globally on the web!

PERFORMANCE 2011 is a festival with a focus on performance art produced by the national Helsinki based Artists’ Association MUU. The event is a part of the official Turku 2011 European Capital of Culture program, and it culminates in a performance art festival held in Turku during the weekend 27.-29. May 2011. The three-day performance festival aims for a varying program, such as live and video performances, performance and sound art clubs, workshops, curator seminar and open discussions. Also as part of the program, Performanssipankki (Performance Bank) – a new data base presenting the actual Finnish performance art field will be launched both as a website performanssi.com and a catalog. The national and international actions featured in the festival will provide an opportunity to approach the public using performance as the means – the works are all characterized by positive attitude, unexpectedness and directness. The festival program provides performances in the scale of small gestures and grand visual spectacles.

PERFORMANCE 2011 festival presents a number of national and international performing artists selected by four invited curators. The curators will also be taking part in a seminar, which aims for formulating new and creative visions for the future of performance art festivals. By creating new inventive ways and places for interaction between artists and people PERFORMANCE 2011 focuses to widen the audience base and visibility of contemporary performance art.

In Turku the cooperation partners of the festival include various local actors, such as TEHDAS Theatre, FLUXEE-club, Barker-theatre, Ehkä-production, Artists’ Association Arte and the Regional Arts Council of South-West Finland. The coordinator in Turku is the regional artist of performance art Leena Kela. During the year 2011 the festival will also expand through video and live performances to Altonale festival in Hamburg and to other anchor cities of the Baltic sea, such as Helsinki and Tallinn.

MUU is known as a producer of the international performance art festival Amorph!, which was organized for the first time in 1995. Latest festivals are: Amorph!08 in Paris and Helsinki, curated by Juha Valkeapää, Amorph!06 Cover up curated by the Oblivia group members Annika Tudeer and Anna Krzystek, and Amorph!03 Summit of Micronations curated by Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen.

Timo Soppela, director MUU, director@muu.fi
Essi Ojanperä, producer, performanssi2011@muu.fi, +358(0)9625972





Call for proposals:
Video Screening program for PERFORMANCE 2011 Festival

Artists’ Association MUU invites artists to submit performance video works for the Video Screening program of the International Performance Art Festival PERFORMANCE 2011. The festival will take place in Turku, Finland 27.-29. May 2011. The festival is a part of the official Turku 2011 European Capital of Culture program.

PERFORMANCE 2011 festival will stage planned and impromptu performances – indoors, outdoors and on the web. During the year 2011 the event will extend from Turku to the Baltic cities of Helsinki, Hamburg and Tallinn.
The defining characteristics for the Finnish and international works in the festival are optimism, unexpectedness and directness.

PERFROMANCE 2011 is being produced and organized by the national Artists’ Association MUU in cooperation with the Barker and TEHDAS theaters, the FLUXEE Club, the Regional Arts Council of South-West Finland, Ehkä-production and the Artists’ Association Arte.

Festival’s Video Screening program will provide an opportunity for artists to showcase video performance work in various locations such as galleries, theaters, private homes, day-cares, schools, sheltered homes, offices and business premises. The Video Screening program will have an emphasis on recent and short video works (max 10 min) with performative elements.



1. Applicants must submit by e-mail to performanssi2011@muu.fi or by post to MUU ry / Performance 2011 Video Screening, Lönnrotinkatu 33, 00180 Helsinki, Finland:

– Completed application form (download the form: Performance 2011)

– CV of the artist or the group (max 1 MB; txt, doc, rtf, pdf, zip, if sent by e-mail)

– Video work (formats accepted: DV, DVD or URL link of the proposed work; no video file attachments if send by e-mail!)

Note: If you wish to have your tape/disc returned, please enclose a self-addressed envelope. Please do not send master tapes/discs, as we cannot accept liability for loss or damage.

2. The deadline is 31st March 2011.

3. Selected artists will be contacted by e-mail latest 15th April 2011. The list of selected artists will be published by 30th April 2011 at www.muu.fi > Projects & Events > Performance 2011.

4. Selected artists will be asked to send a DVD hardcopy of the selected work (DVD-video or video file is acceptable) by the end of April 2011.

Further information:
Producer Essi Ojanperä, performanssi2011@muu.fi, +358 (0)9 625 972


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